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Gaudreaubey Baker Watch: Johnny Hockey Around The Internet

Some quick-hits of Johnny Gaudreau love in the media the last few weeks.

Douglas Jones-US PRESSWIRE

When BC Interruption kicked off Johnny Gaudreau's unofficial "Gaudreaubey Baker" campaign back in September, there were few media outlets out there that were willing to jump on the bandwagon. "He's just a sophomore," people said, "he has no shot."


In the last couple weeks, the bandwagon has certainly started to fill up. We thought we would throw together some of the quick hits around the internet centering around BC's very own Gaudreaubey Baker.

Gaudreau mania hits Boston College (Calgary Herald)
Of course, Johnny Gaudreau has seen the snazzy T-shirts. They’re bright yellow. His name is on them. So he doesn’t even pretend to be unaware.

"Pretty funny," says Gaudreau, with a chuckle. "It’s extremely cool, watching people wear T-shirts of you. I mean, it doesn’t happen every single day. I’m taking it all in. It’s something special. I’m excited that they’re so involved with the hockey team."

Emblazoned on the front of the aforementioned shirts is GAUDREAUBEY BAKER. Which, as a catchphrase, may be a bit of a stretch, but this wee kid’s place in the Hobey Baker Award conversation is certainly not.

Back to Class: Gaudreaubey Baker? (NBC Sports)
BC’s Johnny Gaudreau (Calgary) continues his red hot start scoring twice against Notre Dame and adding another against BU. Expect him in the mix for the Hobey Baker Award this year and expect to keep hearing more about Boston College all year. Haters are definitely going to hate.

Hobey Baker Award watch: Week 8 (CBS Sports)
Five points against a solid Dartmouth squad last week made Gaudreau look even more worthy of the nicknames "Gaudreaubey Baker" and "Johnny Hockey." After the offensive outburst, Gaudreau sits tied for fourth in the country with 19 points and continues to key the nation's best team. This weekend, Gaudreau will have a national audience to show off his talents with a pair of TV games against archrival Boston University. He's also expected to be named to USA Hockey's preliminary roster for the World Junior Championship next Tuesday. Should be a good week for the BC sophomore.

Boston College hockey star Johnny Gaudreau raising Hobey Baker hopes (SB Nation)
It isn't every day that a player like Gaudreau comes around. He is an impact player, thanks to world-class speed and skill that isn't too shabby, either. He can score goals, pass, and he flies around the ice whenever he's on it. The Hobey isn't meant to predict NHL success, but Gaudreau is a bona fide prospect at the next level. I don't care how tall he is (5-7). Like Nathan Gerbe, Gaudreau has a chance to make it as a pro because of his skill level and his competitiveness.

Calgary Flames Facebook and Twitter
How awesome is this? BC Interruption has started its own Johnny Gaudreau Hobey Baker campaign with these t-shirts ~ Gaudreau is Boston College's leading scorer with 19 points (9 goals, 10 assists) in 11 games this season! The Flames selected the forward in the 4th round (104th overall) in the 2011 NHL Draft!