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Boston College Hockey Completes Thrilling Comeback, Defeats UMass 5-4 (OT)

In one of the most impressive come-from-behind wins in ages, BC defeats UMass 5-4 at the Mullins Center in overtime.


After nearly two full periods of completely uninspired play, something happened to the Eagles.

After going down by three goals late in the second period, the Eagles thought maybe it was time not just to show up, but show off.

BC started playing Boston College hockey. Was it playing angry? Was it realizing that they couldn't skate around anymore? Only the players know, but the result was the Eagles finally started playing the hockey we'd seen for 19 straight games at the end of the 2012 season. Going into the second intermission, BC's rejuvenated play was almost a source of frustration. What good is it when you start playing real hockey after being down 3-0?

Then things started to get real.

BC got the early goal they needed to feel hope in this game from Bill Arnold just over a minute into the third. Then, before the period was even halfway over, BC netted their second to get within one, and suddenly, maybe it could happen after all...

But then the Eagles faltered just a bit. UMass scored just a minute later to go back up by two and take the wind out of the sails of BC something fierce. A late BC penalty seemed to sap most of what little time was left for BC to complete the comeback.


Then all hell broke loose. With just over three minutes, Pat Mullane scored his first goal of the game and barely had enough time to high five the bench before scoring to tie the game a minute later.

And the Mullins Center goes *silent*!

Not only was Operation 8,000 a failure (they managed a respectable-but-nonetheless-not-8,000 7,600 fans in attendance), but once Captain Mullane became Captain Awesome, it sounded like Operation 800. And the 800 were all BC fans.

The tie alone would have been reason to celebrate, but BC was utterly obliterating the Minutemen all over the ice for the past 22 minutes. BC was going for the throat.

Throat acquired. WIth just over a minute left in overtime, Johnny #GaudreaubeyBaker came in all alone, was stuffed from the crease, stuck with the play, and managed to put home a rebound to send the UMass fans home unhappy. And probably a little drunk. BC took the win, 5-4. And perhaps started a new meme?

All this before banner night! Make sure to show up and be in your seats by 6:30pm tomorrow for the ceremony. Lots of big names are expected to be there -- Nathan Gerbe has all but announced on Twitter that he'll be there -- and if you miss the banner raising, shame will be upon you.