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Transfer QB Phil Jurkovec Granted Waiver From NCAA, Eligible Immediately

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Throw game is a GO

Navy v Notre Dame Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images

The ceiling for Boston College Football was raised that much higher on Tuesday afternoon, as BC Football appeared to announce on Twitter that Notre Dame transfer quarterback Phil Jurkovec was (finally) granted a transfer waiver from the NCAA. He is eligible to play for the Eagles immediately.

That’s obviously less than explicit confirmation, but it’s clear to anyone who has been following along on social media for the last few weeks that it’s in reference to the “#FreeJurk” movement spearheaded by BC fan and all-around legend @BCdee97, who started spreading the hashtag in frustration with the NCAA’s delays in granting Jurkovec’s waiver.

UPDATE: It’s very official.

This really had gone on for some time. Jurkovec announced his transfer way back in January, and we all knew a waiver would be necessary to be able to play immediately. Fast forward to June, when the NCAA (somewhat expectedly) denied the initial waiver application.

Nearly two months later, several other players at other schools had seen their appeals approved, but Jurkovec’s was still conspicuously outstanding. There are obviously still plenty of questions for the upcoming BC football season, most notably “will there be an upcoming BC football season,” but at the very least, the Eagles finally have themselves a quarterback.

There will be media availability with Jurkovec on Monday. Stay tuned for more info and more official confirmation from the university.