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ARE YOU SERIOUS? Boston College vs. Cincinnati at the Birmingham Bowl Delayed Due to Lightning

Come on. Really? I mean, come on.

Oregon State v. UCLA

Cue all the “deja vu” tweets.

Lightning has literally and figuratively struck twice at the Birmingham Bowl, as the Boston College and Cincinnati football teams have been sent back to the locker rooms due to a lightning strike in the area. The two teams were sent off the field during warm-ups before the game due to lightning as well.

As everyone surely recalls, BC’s bowl game last year against Boise State was cancelled due to repeated lightning strikes at the First Responder Bowl. The Eagles were ahead 7-0 when the game was called in the first quarter. This game is also in the first quarter. I mean, really.

It’s pretty likely that this game gets back underway (YOU WOULD THINK), as last year’s game was cancelled because the weather was borderline apocalyptic and didn’t appear to have much chance to improve. But this appears to be a somewhat less serious situation this time around. Well, marginally anyway:

The game cannot resume until a half hour has passed since the last lightning strike, according to the TV announcers. The game was first delayed at about 3:25pm EST. BC’s Jason Baum says the game will be delayed at least an hour:

So, I mean, I don’t know man, hopefully this isn’t a complete disaster. Again.