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Instant Recap: Kansas Beats Boston College 48-24, Nothing in the World Makes Sense Anymore


Ok a couple of things,

  • Yes, we actually lost to Kansas.
  • BC actually led this game for a little bit! That was fun!
  • The BC pass defense is irreparably bad. Like unforgivably bad. But the fact that a pass defense as bad as BC’s is like third on a list of things that sunk BC tonight just goes to show how poorly this game went.
  • My dad texted me asking me how to see the game since Comcast doesn’t carry ACC Network. The fact that I told them how to get the game makes me personally responsible for the pain of my family and I feel bad for it.
  • I can’t
  • How did we score 24 points in this game. Like seriously how.
  • If Steve Addazio isn’t fired by the time this article goes up Martin Jarmond didn’t act fast enough. This game undoes literally all the progress he has made at the helm of this program and then some. This is an embarrassment that is going to stick with this program for a while.
  • Of course we missed a chip shot field goal did you really even need to ask?

That game just sunk BC’s season. There is no coming back from this. It’s over. BC will not even come close to the rankings again, for a while. Like check back in maybe five years and it might still be too soon. Steve Addazio needs to be fired immediately so we can begin to fix this calamity. Any other move by Martin Jarmond is unacceptable at this point.

Also Kansas hasn’t beaten a Power 5 team on the road since 2008. ‘kay, goodnight.