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BCI Presents: The Daz Presser Generator

We watched thousands of Daz pressers so you wouldn’t have to!

New Boston College Head Coach Steve Addazio
Excited for a big game here this week against [Your School Here]
Photo by Jonathan Wiggs/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

It’s Virginia Tech week, ladies and gentlemen!

The Boston College football season kicks off in just a few days (can you believe it?!), so expect plenty of Steve Addazio press conferences in the near future to discuss upcoming contests and to go over the previous weekend’s games.

But have you ever said to yourself, Self, I have such a busy day ahead. I can’t possibly slide up a chair to my favorite desktop computer, pull up the interwebs, and get over to the BC Eagles dot coms of the world to watch Daz’s presser for our upcoming game against Directional State University. How will I find out what to expect this week from our fearless leader?!

Say no more. Introducing: The Daz Presser Generator.

Gone are the days where you have to actually watch the coach’s presser to see what’s going on. We here are BC Interruption watched just about every Steve Addazio press conference that we could find on the internet (we really did) and ran it through our patent-pending Coachspeakinator 9000™ to get you the presser ahead of time.

See below for your personally generated Steve Addazio press conference lead-in. No two are alike! Want to check out the presser for another game? Just click “Re-Dazzle Me!” to get a new presser!

You won’t be able to see the Generator if you’re using the AMP version of this page (if you opened it using your Twitter app, for example). But just click here to see the full version for all that Dazzy goodness!