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Boston College Football Announces Future Games With Army, Holy Cross, UConn

A nice G5 game to go along with a couple future FCS slots

NCAA Football: Colgate at Army
This place is good
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The Boston College football program announced a couple nice future non-conference match-ups this afternoon with the Army Black Knights and Holy Cross Crusaders getting added to upcoming schedules. The Eagles also announced a home-and-home with the UConn Huskies as well.

Boston College will take on Army in 2023 and 2028, with the Eagles traveling to Michie Stadium — one of the northeast’s absolute best college football road trips — in 2023. The Black Knights have had a few really nice years under head coach Jeff Monken, even finding themselves ranked in the AP poll last year (as high as #19) for the first time since the mid ‘90s. Army went 11-2, 10-3, and 8-5 in their last three seasons, so this is really one of the better G5 games BC could have added to their future schedule. [Ed. Note: Boston College confirmed to us that the Army game does fulfill BC’s Power 5 requirement for 2023.]

The Eagles also added in Holy Cross to the future to continue the renewal of the local rivalry. Holy Cross will be coming to Chestnut Hill in 2023 as that season’s FCS match-up. If we’re going to be playing FCS games at all, it should always be against the Crusaders for at least the historical rivalry and a decent crowd that the game generates. So this is also a halfway decent announcement (again, as far as FCS games go anyway). Holy Cross was previously scheduled to play at Alumni in 2020 as well.

The Eagles have also scheduled UConn. The nice thing about playing UConn is that it allows us to play an FCS game without it having to count as an FCS game. I will not have to remind anyone that the last few seasons, UConn has been — no exaggeration — one of the worst teams in the history of college football, so it’s a little embarrassing to have the Eagles stepping onto the same field as these frauds. But nonetheless, UConn fans get excited for the game, which means there will be a decent crowd of Nutmeggers making the trip thinking oh, no, trust me, this time it will be different, we’re going to CREAM you guys! So the stands will be pretty full. Unfortunately they will be full of neanderthals. Oh well; what can you do.

BC and UConn already had the home-and-home scheduled, technically, set up for 2022 (at PAWS ARF) and 2023 (at Alumni). The sites of the games have been switched, however, as the game at Alumni was originally set to be in 2022. The State of Connecticut should probably have someone hand-deliver a thank you note to Chestnut Hill for helping to keep their worthless, tax-draining, financial-black-hole-waste of an athletic program on life support as an independent for the next few years before inevitably deciding it’s not worth the money when they have smaller crowds than most high school games.

You can check in on all of BC’s previously-scheduled non-conference matchups here.