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SB Nation Releases FanPulse Preseason Top 25

Have you signed up to represent BCI?

SB Nation released its FanPulse preseason Top 25 this morning, and the Eagles are...

...not ranked. Nor were we receiving votes. Bummer.

You may recall that last month we put out an all-points-bulletin to sign up for SB Nation FanPulse, a way for you, our dear readers, to have a say in the new SB Nation Top 25 poll (among other fun things that will come out as the college football season goes on). There’s still plenty of time for you to sign up! Pop on over to the original post here to see what you need to do to give BC Interruption more of a voice in the poll.

Blogs with at least 50 people signed up will have its own Top 25 compiled for those interested in checking it out. BCI doesn’t have that many, but hey, maybe we’ll get there.

The teams that were “also receiving votes” in the poll were Washington State, Syracuse, Boise State, Stanford, Army, Virginia, Mississippi State, Oklahoma State, and Minnesota. That gives BC four teams on the schedule this year — (1) Clemson, (7) Notre Dame, (25) Virginia Tech, and (ARV) Syracuse — to at least be receiving votes in the SBN FanPulse Top 25 poll. Not a lot of love for the ACC, although it really doesn’t get any less funny seeing that Florida State is nowhere to be found in these polls.

Be sure to sign up to represent BC Interruption in SB Nation’s FanPulse here!