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BREAKING: Boston College vs. Wake Forest Football Game Moved Up To 5:30pm Thursday

Most importantly, the game will be played!

Wake Forest v Boston College Photo by Omar Rawlings/Getty Images

Hurricane Florence is threatening the coast of the Carolinas, but thanks to some 11th-hour maneuvering on the part of ESPN and the Boston College & Wake Forest administrations, Thursday’s Eagles/Demon Deacons game in Winston-Salem will still be played. The 7:30pm start has been moved up to 5:30pm, with ESPN staying on to provide TV coverage.

Having the game outright cancelled was a very real and, frankly, likely possibility as early as this morning, so it’s fantastic that this game will even be played. The Eagles really need this one, as a win might see them ranked for the first time since the end of the 2008 season and the Eagles still have ACC title game dreams this early in the season. Not only that, but playing the game this week instead of a possible rescheduling (as difficult as such a thing would have been anyway) means that Wake Forest’s quarterback will still miss the game.

With the game moved up a bit, an early Friday landfall expected for the storm, and Winston-Salem being 200 miles from the coast, this seems like the best case scenario. No one should be in any danger by playing the game, and the Eagles and Deacs will have a game that both of them need played.

Stick around the rest of the week as our game coverage starts to rolls out!