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First Responder Bowl: Boston College vs. Boise St. Final Thoughts And Predictions

One last time...

NCAA Football: Boston College at Florida State Melina Myers-USA TODAY Sports

The 2018 season will come to a close on Wednesday when the Boston College Eagles take on the Boise State Broncos at the First Responder Bowl in Dallas. This will end what has been a trying year for Eagles fans, a season of ups and downs, and one that certainly ended with huge missed opportunities. Seven Win Steve Addazio will try to break through and get his elusive eighth win, but it wont be easy, as Boise State matches up very well with the Eagles. They have the 22nd ranked rushing defense, and one of the best quarter backs in the country in Brett Rypien. AJ Dillon is apparently back to 100% , so insert a “Daz will run him 40 times” joke here, but I keep thinking to the Maryland bowl game two years ago where BC was throwing out trick plays all over the place. Will Daz try and razzle dazzle them or is his gameplan going to be “let’s get to 2019 as fast as possible by running the dive over and over again”.

Keys To Victory

  1. Play Loose: It doesn’t seem like rocket science, but if Addazio goes in and just tries to pound the rock, BC is going to lose. Use some of those pass plays that helped them win early on, get Anthony Brown comfortable and try to keep Boise State off balanced. (I know this is a shot in the dark but hey a brother can dream right).
  2. Get Turnovers: BC’s biggest strength on defense has to be the ability to get turnovers. Boise State can move the ball, it’s going to be up to Hamp Cheevers, Taj Amir Torres and company to force a big play.
  3. Tackle: I don’t have the stats in front of me, but when BC loses I feel like tackling goes out the window. Opposing players force blown tackles, and get extra yards that are completely unnecessary and preventable.
  4. If Brown Doesnt Have It, Change Quickly: I am much more on the Anthony Brown than EJ Perry train, but its clear when Brown doesn’t have it. My bigger concern is that when he clearly struggles, Daz doesn’t pull the trigger quickly. If he is off on Wednesday, move on before the game gets out of hand.
  5. Limit Addazio Moments: In almost every BC game Addazio has had a moment that makes you scratch your head. Against FSU it was of course the punt on 4th and 1. This game can not have one of those moments, go out there and just play to win.

Beer of the Week: Come Out To The West Coast -Rek-lis Brewing Company

I love craft breweries, the beers that they have and the different variations on classics are second to none. This summer I hit up this tiny brewery in the middle of New Hampshire. Rek-lis looks just like a house, but they have a killer beer selection and great food, a perfect spot to stop after a summer hike with patio seating. Their selections constantly rotate so you never have the same beer twice. I’m pretty pumped my Dad ordered a special growler for Christmas so I’ll be enjoying that!

Absolutely Necessary Rap Song Of The Week

Jay Z: Heart of the City. From the Blueprint, comes a great track that I thought was a great choice given the old name of this bowl. I think most of Jay Z’s new stuff is so-so, but his earlier stuff still is killer.

AJ’s Power of Positivity Thought Of The Week

Last game of the year, this is a chance for the seniors to go out on top against a Top 25 team. BC has really struggled against ranked teams, this would be a fantastic way to end the year.

Pregame Food Of The Week-

Gingerbread Cookies: If your family doesn’t have gingerbread cookies I feel sorry for you. My family has a long tradition of decorating (which admittedly I need to help more with). The amount of frosting put on these cookies is enough to put a marathon runner in diabetic shock.

Staff Predictions (Peter got a point as he had the biggest Clemson win, Coach just missed by a point)

Contributor Name Predictions Comments
AJ Black (4) Boise State 31 BC 17 Bad matchup, exposes Daz yet again
ERIC (1) BC 27 Boise State 24
Grant (1) BC 27 Boise State 21
Arthur Bailin Boise State 34 BC 10
Rich Boise State 35 BC 28
CoachJF (1) Boise State 28 BC 24
Peter (1)


BC Wins If: They mix up the play calling, and make a turnover or two.

BC Loses If: They let up big plays, and can’t run the ball

Superfan Excitement Thermometer: 1/10.

Day after Christmas, sorry just not excited. I know not many of you are either.

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