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BC Football Breaks Out Flutie Throwback Uniforms For Saturday’s Game vs. Louisville


Darren Rovell, Twitter

Boston College football is breaking out some new threads for this weekend’s homecoming game against Louisville and... have mercy:

Oh my.

A solid maroon-and-gold color scheme. The old school scripes. And THROWBACK LOGO ON THE SHOULDER!

These look fantastic.

The uniforms are an almost thread-for-thread throwback to the Flutie years, with the addition of the logo on the shoulder. The Eagles actually wore similar Flutie throwbacks in 2015 for the matchup against Notre Dame at Fenway, though that was the white-top road version (it was also #fireemoji like this week’s).

The helmet is updated as well, based on the photos from Darren Rovell. The usual stripe is removed in favor of the all-gold look.

Interestingly, this marks yet another BC move toward embracing the old-school color scheme and logo from prior to the 2000 brand refresh. Fans have been screaming for a return to the old logo, and Boston College has obliged with new throwback gear for sale. Martin Jarmond and other BC administrators are often seen rocking the old logo as well. A full-scale brand refresh would be pretty universally welcomed by BC fans.

The Boston College Eagles will take on Louisville this weekend on ACC Network Extra at 12:30pm on Saturday.