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Last Call to Newton Episode 2: Boston College Football Will Probably Be Alright

Boston College v Northern Illinois Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

In the second episode of Last Call to Newton, Arthur and Patrick break down the Boston College Eagles last victory against Northern Illinois. They talk about what went right and what went wrong for the Eagles in the effort. They also preview the upcoming game against Wake Forest and look forward to the season ahead.

Arthur and Patrick also discuss which Disney characters are best suited for BC’s major sports coaches (be prepared to be disappointed.)

The podcast is available online at It will be available for download on iTunes and PocketCasts at some point, presumably when Arthur isn’t buried with law school reading.

Leave any questions you want answered in the comments here. Any questions in the comments could be potentially used in the show!

Alright. Listen to the show. Or don’t. But you’ve already used the bandwidth to access this page, so why not?

Just do it.