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Last Call To Newton Episode 5: *audible sigh*


Kent State v Clemson Photo by Todd Bennett/Getty Images

We did a podcast about Boston College Eagles football this weekend. We think it is pretty good, but we gotta admit, we’re kind of sad. We break down everything that we saw in the game, from the Clemson Tigers taking control in the fourth quarter to Virginia suddenly seeming like a formidable opponent, to even our thoughts on the Central Michigan game.

We’re gonna be honest with you. It’s a great podcast episode, we encourage you to listen to it (not available on Google AMP or Apple News versions of this article), but it’s not an uplifting episode. We wish we had more fun stuff to talk about, but we just don’t. That makes us kind of sad.

So anyway, enjoy the podcast, listen to all of our ridiculous takes, and maybe someday Arthur will be able to figure out how to get this podcast on the iTunes Store. Someday.