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Boston College vs. Notre Dame Ticket Prices To Start At $100 Each

Supply and demand

Boston College v Notre Dame Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

Boston College has started a presale of tickets to the Boston College vs. Notre Dame game at Alumni Stadium, and with demand expected to be very high, BC Athletics has set an appropriately high price point.

BC Athletics

The presale information was sent out via email to “BC Friends and Family,” at an apparently reduced price than what will be available to the general public.

Ticket prices listed through the presale link sent out by email are as follows:

Upper Endzone: $100
Lower Endzone: $125
Upper Sideline Corner: $125
Upper Sideline 15 Yard Line: $135
Upper Sideline 30-50 Yard Line: $140
Lower Sideline 10 Yard Line: $165

I’m sure a lot of people will grumble about the prices. They’re obviously pretty high, but it’s hard to argue with them. The game will obviously sell out (yes, it will easily sell out), and BC can’t be faulted for trying to set a price point that will balance supply with demand for tickets.

The presale link and code from BC Athletics is only allowing purchasers to buy two tickets per account, so BC is at least trying to allow as many people as possible the opportunity to buy tickets. BC Athletics also has a history of setting up packages of 3 games or so with a more reasonable price point, allowing you to get tickets to high-end games while also purchasing tickets to games that will struggle with attendance, so I’m sure we can expect that to happen with this game as well.

And of course, if you have season tickets already, this isn’t your problem. People whose only interest is in going to see BC vs. Notre Dame should probably be expected to pay a premium for the privilege.