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Former BC Football Head Coach Jeff Jagodzinski Signs On As OL Coach For Notre Dame High School (TN)

What might have been?

ACC Football Championship - Boston College Eagles v Virginia Tech Hokies Photo by Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images

A big hat tip to BCEAGLE1976 for this find. Former Boston College football head coach Jeff Jagodzinski has signed on as offensive line coach at Notre Dame...

...High School.

That’s right. Notre Dame High School in Chattanooga, TN has signed Jags — a former ACC head coach and NFL coordinator — to coach its offensive line, according to the Times Free Press of Tennessee.

There isn’t too much to say about this news other than the fact that it’s just weird. We sat down with Jags eight months ago today for an extensive interview on BCI Radio, and he was obviously angling for other jobs. Perhaps this is a short term stop, or that he has family reasons for taking on a smaller role, but we do know that Jeff Jagodzinski has serious regrets about interviewing with the New York Jets and causing the chain of events that saw him leave the Heights and topple headlong down the coaching ladder.

People like to talk about “alternate universes” where, thanks to slightly different events causing slightly larger events causing unfathomably different events, the world is a much different place than the one as we know it. I think we can confidently say, though, that this news certainly feels like proof of the alternate universes theory.

There is a universe out there where Coach Jags stayed at BC for a few years and played out his coaching career on the Heights, successfully or not, and moved on to other things. In that universe, the BC Interruption AOL Instant Messenger chat is talking about how there is an alternate universe where the head coach of a former ACC team that reached #2 in the country and went to two ACC championship games signed on as a position coach at a high school in Tennessee. We are someone else’s alternate universe.

Imagine what could have been.