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Last Call To Newton Episode 10: RETAIN STEVE ADDAZIO

NCAA Football: Florida State at Boston College Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

Hey, remember when we called for Steve Addazio to be fired?

Soooooo we may have called that putt a little early.

But honestly, did anyone really expect the Boston College Eagles to put together the comeback that they have put together over the past three weeks?

No, you didn’t. Stop lying.

In any event, the Eagles are suddenly really, really good with bowl eligibility all but secured due to a game with (lolz) UConn towards the end of the season. Suddenly, a team that seemed like would slink into 4-8 mediocrity suddenly could be contending for a fairly major bowl. (I said fairly)

Arthur and Patrick break everything down in a special super spooky episode of Last Call to Newton, the tenth episode of the podcast, or as its known in the podcast world, the “we haven’t gotten sick of doing this podcast every week?” podcast.

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