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Last Call to Newton Episode 9: whaaaa?

Boston College v Virginia Photo by Ryan M. Kelly/Getty Images

Look, we don’t know.

Somehow Boston College Eagles football got really good over two weeks after being left for dead after Virginia Tech. Even more staggering is that the offense is leading the way.

Seriously. Did you really expect at the beginning of the season that BC would be winning these games on the backs of the offense and not the defense?

You’re a liar.

Yes you are.

Anyway, Arthur and Patrick break down the wire-to-wire beat-down of the Virginia Cavaliers. They talk about the renaissance of Anthony Brown and the juggernaut offense he now apparently commands.

They also talk about BC men’s ice hockey’s weekend at St. Cloud. That conversation wasn’t as fun as the one about the football team.

Listen to all that and more below. As a reminder, if you’re reading this on Google Amp or Apple News, the player won’t appear, so make sure you go to the actual BC Interruption site to enjoy this sweet sweet #content.