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Report: Boston College-UConn Football Game In 2017 To Be Played at Fenway Park

Eagles get another “road” game close to home?

Boston College v Notre Dame Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

Take it for what it’s worth, but Mark Blaudschun reports that Boston College “sources” tell him next year’s BC vs. UConn football game, originally scheduled to be played at Rentschler Field, will be moved to Fenway Park.

The game will be held on November 18, 2017.

This would mark BC’s second football game in three years at Fenway Park; they played a much-ballyhooed “road” game against Notre Dame in 2015. Reportedly, the BC athletic department balked at a proposal to move this year’s BC-UConn home game to Fenway instead of Alumni Stadium; perhaps they knew getting the return game in Boston as well was a possibility?

I frankly see no downside to this for Boston College if it’s true, unless you’re super sensitive about the word “Huskies” being painted in the end zone. Instead of having to travel to Hartford, BC fans can take the T to Kenmore and get a 7th home game in Massachusetts, in a year when BC was originally scheduled to only have 6 home games.

The UConn game should theoretically be an easy win again, barring a remarkable year one turnaround by Randy Edsall; the away trip to a fired up crowd was probably the only X factor that made this seem like a tricky game, and this would neutralize that factor.

And unlike the Notre Dame game, BC fans won’t be boxed out of tickets or forced to pay extravagant prices for a limited supply of tickets. This game has a chance of selling out a 38K seat ballpark, but only at a reasonable price point. Unlike Notre Dame, UConn isn’t going to sell the lion’s share of the tickets; you’d suspect BC will get access to around half of the park, much like the BC-UMass games at Gillette.

I know people love to find reasons to complain about anything but I see no downside here unless you live in Metro Hartford and were looking forward to a BC game in your backyard.

What I don’t get is what UConn gets out of this. A guaranteed NESN spot?

Either way, we’ll seek out confirmation (BCI has reached out to BC Athletics for comment); if this is true, plan your schedules accordingly.

UPDATE: Boston College athletics has not confirmed the report at this time.