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Hey, Did You Know BC Has A Young Team? Don’t Worry, You’ll Be Reminded

Tracking comments about youth, freshmen or sophomores

New Era Pinstripe Bowl - Boston College v Penn State Photo by Alex Goodlett/Getty Images

Welcome to the YouthMeter! Time to check the tape and see how many references there were in Steve Addazio’s most recent press conferences about BC being a young team, or how many freshmen or sophomores are in the lineup.

September 21 ACC Conference Call:

Young Team: 1
#1: I know what I saw this week, and we're a young team, we're going to make some mistakes, but we really do have some ability.

Young (without “team”): 3
#1: I think the young guys in that environment got a little flustered

#2: This young offensive line has got to really come together.

#3: We had some -- we had a hard time with some of the young receivers in man coverage.

Freshmen/sophomores: 2

#1: We're playing 11 freshmen and sophomores on offense, and in that environment under those conditions, that wasn't the best situation to be in.

#2: We're playing a couple of true freshmen and true sophomores who have a limited number of starts under their belts

YouthMeter TOTAL: 6


September 19 Weekly Press Conference

Young Team: 2

#1: And that’s critically important when you’re developing a football team, let alone a young football team.

#2: When you’re in that kind of home field, you get a little bit of an advantage. And it can sway a young football team.

Young (without “Team): 5

#1: We had the young guys scrimmaging out there in full pads and our players were encouraging them and rolling.

#2: We’re pretty young and sometimes you do too much of that, and you’re doing things that you don’t have enough reps at

#3: It’s pretty easy: we’re young up front and we’re not handling well right now some of the things that are going on.

#4: We’re too young. We’ve got to just stay in a groove and get better.

#5: But when you have a young offensive line, you want all those reps.



YouthMeter Total: 7


Wagner Week Total: 13
Average: 6.5 per event

Tune in next week for an update!