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VIDEO: Relive Boston College’s Heroic, Ten Play Stop In The Fourth Quarter

Oh Maryland, my Maryland...

NCAA Football: Quick Lane Bowl-Boston College vs Maryland Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Heroic stop by BC, or spectacular fail by Maryland? In truth, it’s probably a little bit of both.

The BC defense, led by all-world defensive end Harold Landry, made some big time plays at a huge moment in the game. But a pair of holding penalties, a laughable shovel pass at the goal line, and a fumble in the end of their own doing made for a pretty extraordinary level of Marylanding (that’s got to be a thing now, right?) in what was easily the biggest moment of the game to that point.

The Mothership stole my idea and put together a pretty great breakdown of all ten plays, but we thought a super cut of every play as-it-happened should be saved for posterity. So watch and enjoy, and hope Harold Landry sticks around a little bit longer and doesn’t go make that sweet, sweet paper in the NFL.

Oh, Maryland.