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College Football News Projects Boston College vs. South Florida in St. Petersburg Bowl

Another bowl projection has BC playing right after Christmas

Boston College v Florida State Photo by Jeff Gammons/Getty Images

College Football News is the next site to quickly jump on a new round of Bowl Projections. Last night, Vice Sports predicted BC would play South Carolina in the Independence Bowl on Dec. 26; College Football News has BC in St. Petersburg, FL on December 26, taking on South Florida.

The USF Bulls are 10-2 following a win over UCF on Saturday. USF’s season included wins over Navy, ECU and Syracuse, along with a 55-35 loss to Florida State.

BC’s last trip to Florida during bowl season was their 2007 Champs Sports Bowl win over Michigan State. BC also played in the Tampa-St Pete area twice in the Hall of Fame Bowl, in 1986 vs. Georgia and 1993 vs. Tennessee.

The bowl focus seems to be narrowed to St. Pete, Detroit and Shreveport, though some other opportunities remain possible. We’ll keep you posted with other bowl projections as we find them.