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Tomorrow: Jeff Jagodzinski Joins BC Interruption Radio

The former BC head coach sits down with BCI

ACC Football Championship press conferences Photo by Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images

This week’s edition of BCI Radio promises to be an exciting one, as former Boston College football head coach Jeff Jagodzinski will be sitting down with us for an extensive, candid interview.

We’ll be talking to Coach Jags about everything from his take on the current BC situation, his hiring process in coming to BC, the circumstances surrounding his departure, and everything in between.

Coach Jags has been an assistant coach at Georgia State since 2013, leading a surprisingly successful passing offense for the Panthers, but he is taking the season off to tend to a family matter. In the meantime, he’s doing some radio down in Atlanta for 92.9 The Game — and will actually be on this afternoon at 3pm talking about Matt Ryan and the Falcons, should you want to give it a listen.

Keep an eye out for the podcast coming out tomorrow morning, and listen on as Coach Jags talks BC!