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BCI Quiz Bowl 2: The Ultimate Boston College Football History Buff Quiz

Take our ultimate BC football history quiz, written by our own "Coach" John Fidler

We hope you enjoyed last week's first edition of "BCI Quiz Bowl," which tested your knowledge of the 2014 Boston College Eagles football team. We've got a real treat and a real challenge for you this week. BC history buff and our resident "Coach" John Fidler designed a challenging and comprehensive quiz about the history of Eagles football. How much do you know? Test your knowledge and compare your score with fellow fans!

We'll be back with a new quiz each week throughout the upcoming season, and you can use our leader board to track your score vs. other fans throughout the year. Next week's quiz is going to be about the Maine Black Bears as we ramp up to Week 1 of the season. We'll have other quizzes about matchups and opponents all season. Best of luck!