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BCI Quiz Bowl I: Testing Your Knowledge Of The 2014 BC Football Team

Introducing a series of quizzes to test your knowledge of all things BC.

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to BCI Quiz Bowl, Volume 1: a look back at the 2014 BC football season. Each week (or thereabouts), we will post a new trivia quiz to test your knowledge on a BC sports subject. Log in to the quiz app with Twitter or Facebook and post your score to our live leaderboard, and compare yourself to other BC fans around the country. We'll be keeping track of the top trivia performers all year long, and will work on coming up with some neat prizes for those who top the trivia standings at the end of the season.

This week's first quiz is on the 2014 BC football season. Let's see how well you remember last year's team. Best of luck!

If you're having technical difficulties with the quiz, email This is a beta test, so apologies for any clunkiness!