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Who's Going To Be On The Boston College Football Bobblehead? launches a poll on Twitter... who do you want to see on a bobblehead this year?

Crystal LoGiudice-USA TODAY Sports

Everyone loves a bobblehead night. There's pretty much no better way to make otherwise rational adults go crazy over acquiring what is essentially a toy than giving out a bobblehead at a sporting event. So it makes sense that BC is going to offer a bobblehead to season ticket holders who attend all 7 football games this fall.

The twist? BC is letting fans vote on who they want to see on the 2015 bobblehead, putting up a poll on Twitter where Eagles fans can choose one of 8 BC alums in the pros. The candidates:

Anthony Castonzo
Gosder Cherilus
Matt Hasselbeck
Luke Kuechly
Mark Herzlich
BJ Raji
Matt Ryan
Andre Williams

This is a pretty tough choice for me, and it makes me wish BC would give out a bobblehead for each game. On this list you've got two Heisman candidates, a few Super Bowl champs, one of the most exciting young defensive players, and of course, the potential for a BOBBLEBELLY:

And don't forget another possibility for a Raji bobblehead:

I'm going to have to cast my vote for Mark Herzlich, personally. While you can't go wrong with any of the choices, Herzlich has elevated himself to legendary status for reasons that go well beyond his incredible contributions on the football field. That said, I'd be happy to receive any of these.

Vote in our poll to share your thoughts with the community, and formally cast your vote on twitter with #Bobble(LastName).