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Boston College Football Concept Helmet Designs ... Pass

Yeah no.

Artist and graphic designer Dylan Young, the mastermind behind these bold NFL alternate helmet designs, is back with a fresh take on some college football lids.

Here's his take on Boston College, which, in my humble opinion, NOPE.

I'm generally against messing with Boston College's helmets, preferring the traditional solid gold helmet, single maroon stripe look as the most recent tweak was a disaster (though appreciate uniform purists that would prefer to go back to the pre-Coughlin, no stripe lids).

Two things on these: If you are gonna break from tradition and go with a logo helmet, you have to keep the gold base color. And give me the old block "B" "C" logo on the lids over the school's newer, italicized logo with the cartoonish Eagle.

You can see all the alternate helmet designs here. Give me the redesigned Navy, Iowa State, Oregon State, Wyoming, Colorado and Washington helmets over the current lid designs.