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So Miami Fans Really Don't Like Al Golden

Hurricanes fans had no problem letting us know what they thought about their deposed former head coach.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Following the departure of Boston College defensive coordinator Don Brown, we started a series that entailed breaking down some names we thought would be interesting to see in the search for the next assistant coach. Yesterday, one of the names we floated was former Miami Hurricanes head coach Al Golden.

Now I start this with the disclaimer that in no way, shape, or form is Al Golden one of the names we can confirm or deny is in the running for the Boston College team. This is just a discussion forum where there are names that we came across, either through the magic of the Internet or social media or wherever, opening up different avenues where we could talk about them as potential candidates.

Boy did we trigger some PTSD in those 'Canes fans. Here's some of the highlights, in no particular order:


As for the guy who said Miami never "won the Coastal Division," they finished in a three-way tie for the division title in 2013 with a win over the eventual division champion Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets. Of the three teams who tied for the division title, only one was actually eligible to go to the ACC Championship game because both UNC and Miami were under sanctions. So technically we're both right.

Statistically, Golden is 59-59 as a head coach across Temple and Miami. Remembering that Temple was 1-11 in his first year there (as an FBS Independent because the program was so bad it got ejected from the old Big East), Golden went 58-48 as a head coach. For what it's worth, Steve Addazio took over Al Golden's program at Temple and went 9-4.

I'm not advocating for Al Golden to be hired. In fact, I said he shouldn't be. But even though Miami fell apart this past year, I've never really understood all the hate at the guy. He was a good to elite defensive coordinator at Virginia.

Either way, this made my Monday after a long weekend, and I hope it makes yours too.