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How Will Departure Of Offensive Coordinator Ryan Day Impact Boston College Recruiting?

How does his departure effect BC recruiting?

Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

Ryan Day is gone. Not only are the Eagles losing their offensive coordinator, and a coach who helped install a new system in the Heights, but they are also losing one of their best recruiters. Day had an enormous impact immediately on the recruiting class of 2014, where he targeted the recruit rich area of New Jersey. Let's look at the recruits he brought in last year (via Rivals):

Name Stars Hometown
Sherm Allston 3 Montvale, NJ
Jonathan Hilliman 4 Jersey City, NJ
Tom Sweeney 2 Ramsey, NJ
Joe Vitiello 3 Somerville, NJ
Kevin Bletzer 3 West Roxbury, MA
Thadd Smith 3 Springfield, PA

That is quite the haul for Day in his first season with the Eagles. He grabbed Hilliman, an elite running back with multiple offers from major programs, and snagged Sherm Allston, who played an integral part in his offense during his first year at the Heights. Thadd Smith cracked the two deep this year, and played special teams, but as a receiver didn't make any receptions. The other players didn't crack the two deep, and their impact has yet to be seen. But grabbing two major offensive impact players in one season should be seen as a successful haul for a recruiter.

Now let's take a look at this season's recruits that Ryan Day brought in:

Name Stars Hometown
Elijah Robinson 3 Montclair, NJ
Jake Burt 3 Danvers, MA

Elijah Robinson is already enrolled at Boston College so we don't have to worry about him being poached. Jake Burt is a local kid, who only had an offer from UVA and committed early to BC so I would find it hard to imagine that he's going anywhere. Day's haul in this year's class is much smaller, but honestly given that he left, it might not be the worst thing in the world. That just means fewer kids for other schools to grab.

In terms of offensive players in the recruiting class of 2015, there are quite a few that could be poached. Nolan Borgerson a wide receiver from New Jersey, and Chris Lindstrom an offensive lineman already on campus, so they won't be considered on this list.

Name Stars Position Other Major Offers
Jordan Gowin 3 RB None
Chris Garrison 3 TE Maryland
Wyatt Knopfke 3 OL Kentucky, Miami
Aaron Monteiro 3 OL Iowa
Anthony Palazzo 3 OL Pittsburgh
Chase Pankey 3 WR None
John Phillips 2 OL None
Jeff Smith 3 ATH Wisconsin

Looking at that list there aren't alot of guys that I could see being poached. Garrison and Monteiro are both local kids, which I'm sure might be part of the reason they chose BC. Palazzo and Smith are both two of BC's higher rated recruits, but both Pitt and Wisconsin have new coaching staff, so that might play into their decisions. Wyatt Knopfke is a name to keep an eye on, he has gotten a lot of interest from major programs, and it wouldn't surprise me if someone jumps in to try and grab him.

There are only two weeks until National Signing Day, and the departure of Ryan Day certainly will make things interesting. Stay tuned folks to see how this effects the BC recruiting game.