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ACC In Favor Of Early Signing Period For Football Recruits; SEC Is Not

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During the ACC meetings this week, ACC Commissioner John Swofford plans on recommending an early signing period for recruits in football at the request of ACC coaches. Under the new proposal, recruits could sign with a school as early as August 1st:

"That would be a healthy thing for the recruits and the student-athletes in the sense it gives them an opportunity to make their decision, fully commit to it and sign, and then be able to play and study during their senior season without the distractions of the recruiting process," Swofford said. "If a player knows where he wants to go and is ready to make that commitment, it enhances the situation for that player and for the institutions as well."

This is an interesting proposition as it would allow for recruiting to be finished by senior season for some. For those recruits that are still looking around this wouldn't effect, but would be helpful for those that are strongly committed and are just waiting to sign. BC in the past have had many recruits that would probably have signed early if they were given the chance.

Of course many in the SEC completely disagree with the idea of an early signing period. Alabama Head Coach Nick Saban came out against it:

"I don't think that in football, because football's a developmental sport, that a lot of high school coaches would be real pleased if we had a signing date before the senior season," Saban said. "What we've always supported in the SEC is having an early signing date right at the end of the season; maybe Dec. 1."

No surprise there, Saban can say that it has to do with the development of the athlete, but it's pretty clear that he doesn't want to lose a kid early and wants to keep the ability to flip as many kids late in the process as possible. Wonder what recruiting powerhouses in the ACC like Florida State feel about this proposal. An early signing period doesn't make much sense for teams in the SEC, and you can guarantee they are going to fight this tooth and nail.