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Boston College Football Scheduling: Remaining 2015 Non-Conference Scheduling Options

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Since y'all love to talk schedules, let's talk schedules.


With tonight's release of the 2015 SEC football schedule, the dream of Boston College-BAMA 2015 has died. Sorry, DudeGuy. Tonight's SEC schedule reveal also told us a few informative things about the remaining non-conference scheduling opponents available in 2015:

-- Alabama, one of two SEC teams that had yet to complete its 2015 schedule, added games against Middle Tennessee State (9/12) and Charleston Southern (11/21) to complete next year's slate.

-- Missouri, the other SEC team that had an opening, has only released 11 games so far and has an "Opponent TBA" listed for a game on Saturday, November 14. This is the Saturday before BC's game against Notre Dame at Fenway Park.

-- The SEC schedule reveal also confirmed New Mexico State games at Florida (9/5) and Ole Miss (10/10). As you'll recall, the Aggies have five non-conference games scheduled for next season but only four available slots, so one will have to go. N.M. State was never gonna cancel on either SEC school since it was cost-prohibitive, so the Aggies will have to cut UTEP (9/19), New Mexico (10/3) or BC (10/17) out of next year's non-conference slate. BC has the largest remaining buyout of the three, but both UTEP and New Mexico are long-time rivals of the Aggies, so.

-- The SEC joins the Big Ten and Pac-12 as Power 5 conferences that have already released their 2015 schedules. And, while the Big 12 has yet to release its 2015 schedule, all 10 programs already have three non-conference games scheduled, so they are out too. Basically, unless Missouri is waiting to reveal a 11/14 game against the Eagles, BC won't play a team from the Big Ten, Big 12, SEC or Pac-12 in 2015.

Other scheduling updates:

-- Central Michigan, one of the few remaining MAC programs with an opening next season, completed its 2015 schedule with a home game against FCS Monmouth (9/12).

-- Middle Tennessee completes its 2015 schedule with a road game at Alabama (9/12).

-- Georgia Tech completed its 2015 schedule with a home game against FCS Alcorn State (9/3).

Here are the remaining programs looking for a game in 2015, broken down by conference:

ACC (1) -- Georgia Tech (1), Miami (1)
American (3) -- SMU (1), Tulane (1), UCF (1)
Big 12 (0)
Big Ten (0)
Conference USA (5) -- FIU (1), Louisiana Tech (1), Middle Tennessee (1), North Texas (1), Rice (1), Southern Miss (1)
Independents (0)
MAC (2) -- Bowling Green (1), Central Michigan (1), Western Michigan (1)
Mountain West (5) -- San Diego State (up to 3), Air Force (up to 2), Fresno State (up to 1), New Mexico (1), San Jose State (up to 1)
Pac-12 (0)
SEC (1) -- Alabama (2), Missouri (1)
Sun Belt (3) -- Texas State (1), Louisiana (1), ULM (up to 1)

Broken down by openings remaining:

3 -- San Diego State*
2 -- Air Force*, Alabama
1 -- Georgia Tech, Miami, SMU, Tulane, UCF, FIU, Louisiana Tech, Middle Tennessee, North Texas, Rice, Southern Miss, Bowling Green, Central Michigan, Western Michigan, Fresno State*, New Mexico, San Jose State*, Missouri, Texas State, Louisiana, ULM*

And teams that have already scheduled an FCS opponent:

San Diego State* (up to 2)
Alabama (1)
Missouri (1)
Fresno State* (up to 1)
San Jose State* (up to 1)
Air Force* (up to 1)