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Boston College Vs. Wake Forest: Interview With Blogger So Dear

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Talking #therivalry with our brothers from SBNation.

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

As we inch closer to our epic battle with the Wake Forest Demon Deacons, we sat down to chat with Blogger So Dear, SBNation's Wake blog.

BC Interruption: Your site wrote that Wake Forest may have the worst rushing attack in the past decade. What makes it so bad?

Blogger So Dear: It's a combination of many factors. The offensive line is not very good at all at opening holes in the running game, and unfortunately they also cannot block pass rushers very well either. We have a freshman QB and have been rotating running backs throughout the season. That lack of continuity and experience contributes greatly to it as well. Coach Clawson is also attempting to install a slow developing run game, which involves a lot of draws and reads in the line. While these rushing attacks have worked at his previous stops, it has been a disaster so far with the aforementioned woes that Wake has in place now. It's hard to believe that the running game is as bad as it is until you see it for yourself.

BC Interruption: You have a Wolford, we have a Wolford. What have you seen out of your freshman quarterback in terms of growth and what are his strengths and weaknesses?

Blogger So Dear: EVERYBODY GETS A WOLFORD!!! It has been a pretty up and down season so far for our Wolford. He has had a couple of good games (Army and Gardner-Webb), but struggled in a handful of other games. This is to be expected out of a true freshman quarterback, especially one that has to throw behind the offensive line Wake has in place. He has actually done a pretty good job of avoiding sacks in most games (despite what the numbers might suggest). He, along with the rest of the offense, needs to work on protecting the ball and making better decisions when under pressure.

BC Interruption: Wake has one of the best cornerbacks in the ACC in Merrill Noel. Who else should BC be aware of on the Deacon defense?

Blogger So Dear: Bud Noel has been a great player for the Deacs throughout his entire career. A great representative of Wake Forest, and one of the funniest and most humble guys that I have ever had the pleasure of interviewing. On the other side of the field there is CB Kevin Johnson, who coming into the season was on Todd McShay's Top 5 CB's for the NFL Draft last year. He has had a pretty good year for the Deacs as well.

You will also likely hear the names Brandon Chubb and Ryan Janvion a lot. They are 51st and 26th respectively in tackles in the NCAA and appear to be all over the field throughout the game.

BC Interruption: It's be a tough first year for Dave Clawson. What has he brought to your program, and how long do you think it will be before Wake becomes a solid ACC program again?

Blogger So Dear: He has brought an edge that was lacking during the waning years of the Grobe era. I think complacency crept into the football program, and really the entire athletic administration under the He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named Era on the basketball court. Wake fans are willing to be patient to see what he can bring to the table and it is clear that he is building towards the future. I'm not sure Clawson knew how tough of a job this was when he took it, but he appears to be here for the long run and that is pretty exciting.

I'm not sure Wake was ever a "solid" ACC program, but it did have some nice years in the mid-2000's. Given how anemic the offense has been it is hard to say that it will even be average in two years, so this is a pretty serious rebuilding project. He will likely bring a top 50 recruiting class to Winston-Salem next season, which is very promising. I would guess we have a shot at making a bowl in 2016 and hopefully can sustain it from there.

BC Interruption: The spread for Saturday's game is BC (-12), think Wake can keep it close and cover the spread?

Blogger So Dear:The answer is a pretty resounding NO to both of those questions. It bears repeating that Wake Forest has the worst offense in terms of yards per play since 2000 so far. The Deacs are averaging yards per game, dead last in the NCAA by 42 yards per game. To get to the 13th team in the ACC in Total Offense, Wake would need to produce 85% more of its current yards per game to get there. That's really, really bad, and a shame because the defense has looked pretty damn good at times this season.

If Wake can figure out a way not to give up points on offense and find some semblance of a run game I could see it withing 10 points, but sadly I do not see that happening.

BC- 27
Wake- 10