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Boston College vs. Wake Forest: Steve Addazio Press Conference Highlights

The Dude abides.

Mark L. Baer-USA TODAY Sports

If you'd like to read the whole thing, click here. Otherwise, let's take a look at some of the good stuff, eh?

On Wake Forest...

We've had a chance to start watching them, especially on defense and they're a really fine team on defense. People are having a hard time running against them. They've done a great job.

Whoa. Hoooooold on there. Wake Forest is good at STOPPING the run?

Louisiana-Monroe: 163 yards
Gardner-Webb (FCS meat): 77 yards (only gained 131)
Utah State: 60 yards (USU had almost 400 yards, but Wake Forest had -25 or something insane on the ground)
Army (option offense): 341 yards
Louisville: 215 yards
Florida State: 171 yards
Syracuse: 199 yards

Moving on...

On offense, they're playing a young quarterback, John Wolford, who I know took a shot in that last game; I'm not sure what his status is. They also have a somewhat young offensive line, so they're looking for their identity. I know Dave [Clawson]. Dave is a great football coach. I think he's one of the better coaches out in the country right now. He's smart, innovative, and has attention to detail. I've played against his staff before when I was at Temple and we played Bowling Green. I know Dave personally and I have the utmost respect for him and his staff. You can see what they're doing down there, developing Wake Forest and his team.

Translation: Wake is really bad this year, but I really like Dave.

On Clemson's Vic Beasley...

We did a good job with our plan, trying to run at him in the power game and away from him in the spread game. I thought we had a pretty good plan, but I think we could have played better up front. We knew we had to make those plays in the play action game. We had those shots. I thought we had a really good plan, we just need to come up with a couple more plays.

Maybe those couple more plays could've been not dropping the football next to the goal line. Not the difference in the game, but I'm guessing those "couple more plays" involved Josh Bordner and Tyler Rouse.

On BC's kicking game...

Obviously, we missed an extra point. And the minute I saw it I knew it would come back and get us because at the end we couldn't try to kick a field goal to try to get that thing into overtime. So we've had some kicking issues without a doubt. It's a problem. We're trying to deal with it. We had such a phenomenal kicker a year ago and now we're breaking into some young guys. I think they'll all be great players, but right now they're young and we just have to develop them. We have to hang in there and get through all this.

Everybody's got their own belief structures on how they run their team. We had a couple other guys [besides Mike Knoll] who had some plays that they would have liked to have back. They're tough guys and they go about their business. We love them and we move forward. I think Mike's a tough guy and he gets all that. My goal is to not handle everybody differently...everybody has a job to do.

It's kind of the elephant in the room that the kicking game completely blows and has indirectly cost BC at key points. Ryan Day should be fired for being utterly incompetent at coaching the kicking game.

But seriously? I love how Addazio comes out on the whole "everybody's got their own belief structures on how they run their team." He's absolutely right. I feel that a college football team should always address a hole two years before it develops into a hole. That means that when Nate Freese was a sophomore, they should've been recruiting for life after him. That gives them a chance to redshirt the kid during Freese's junior year and have a solid backup ready to spot kick or get some chances in a RS freshman season (Freese's senior year). Restart the process during the kid's sophomore year, at which point he's been in your system a couple of years already. That's not what BC did. So I'll bite and let you show me something different.

And nobody can honestly tell me that it's about wasting a scholarship when we're going through kickers faster than the Detroit Lions...Too soon?

On BC's ability to close out games...

There are x amount of opportunities in those kind of games. You're either going to make them or you're not. We gave ourselves a chance, but we needed to make a couple more plays. It's probably pretty indicative of where we are right now. I'm pretty proud of the fact that when you play Boston College right now we're pretty darn competitive. For a team playing as many freshmen as we do and had as many losses as we did personnel wise last year, we can play with anybody. Now, that has to equate into winning the games that you have to win. Unfortunately, I think it's on both ends of this thing. Sometimes we're playing at a high level when you think that we might struggle and then sometimes we play teams you think you can roll with and you're not. That's all part of this thing when you're young. When you're older, with more maturity and leadership, I would say that you find a way to win those two games that you lost and we're sitting here at 6-1, but we're not. We're 4-3 and we have to go out and get our fifth win.

Sometimes I feel like Daz is seriously just talking to our comments section.

On the team's efforts...

I think what I like most right now is our kids are playing really hard. Really physical, hard and fast. For who we are and what we have, we're doing it well. Not every game, but a lot of games. We have to sustain this now. We're in a three-game run here with Wake Forest, Virginia Tech and then Louisville until a bye week. We can't dip and drop off here.

We're onto Wake Forest.