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Boston College vs. Wake Forest: #TheRivalry On Radio Tonight at 8 PM

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Blogger So Dear is set to join us. Do we make them comfortable and happy to be here? Or do we let them have it with the fury of a thousand nights in Hell? Only one way to find out......... Tune in tonight or call into 646-200-0446!

Jim Rogash

It's Tuesday. You're already done with your week (figuratively speaking), and your weekend didn't quite last as long as it should have.

You're still smoldering a little bit from Saturday's loss to Clemson, you're starting to really get fired up because it's Wake Forest, you just want to talk a little bit of football because it's not even remotely close to the weekend--we got you covered.

BCI Radio returns on Tuesday night as Dan and AJ host Rob Reinhard from Blogger So Dear, the SB Nation affiliate of Wake Forest. Rob joins us to talk about the Demon Deacons football program, which hasn't been very good this year, and talks about what might happen on Saturday. He'll also profile some of the players to watch, the football climate of Winston-Salem, and give us the insight into how things are going on Tobacco Road.

We'll customarily take your calls, of which we've had some of our best to date, starting at 8 PM. Be sure to tune in, and make sure to CALL IN at 646-200-0446 to catch all of the Boston College football talk. It's the best place to be dialed into #therivalry, and it's the only place you'll want to listen and talk for all things Boston College!

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