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Boston College vs. Wake Forest: #TheRivalry Week Kickoff

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If you're feeling glum about the Clemson loss, that's okay. We got a bigger and badder rival waiting for us all on Saturday.

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Are you frustrated? Angry? Maybe a little depressed? Did Saturday's loss to Clemson make you sad?

Well we have just the thing to make you happy.


Wake Forest is here.

Now, there's a lot of things for us to positively hate about Wake Forest. For starters, their team name is the "Demon" Deacon. That means their Deacon, who rides a motorcycle, is an agent of Satan. They produced Tim Duncan, a player who those of us from Boston are still PO'd about not getting (the NBA rigged it against the Celtics, and seriously, screw Pitino). And overall, I can't think of a school that we hate more. I mean, there's definitely no reason to hate Syracuse, UMass, UConn, Florida State, or Notre Dame nearly as much as how much we hate Wake. Even saying their name makes me violently ill.

No but seriously, it's Wake Forest week, so let's have some fun with it.

We'll have lots of sweet coverage of those nasty folks from Winston-Salem as the week progresses. But until then let's highlight the good stuff and get to more serious issues:

Weekly Storylines (Bush Edition)

Little Things. BC taught us how the little things win games. I rewatched most of that Clemson game and came to the conclusion that the better team won. The Eagles didn't do the little things it takes to win games. I watched the Tigers on every play and came to the conclusion that, at this point, they're simply better. BC probably should have won the game, but almost only counts in horseshoes, hand grenades, and nuclear warfare, right? Clemson was clearly a better team, and I'm strangely okay with it. I think BC could've won the game, but ultimately they didn't. There's items for BC to move onto as the season progresses.

Enter Wake. Wake Forest is a struggling program, a team that's entering with a 2-5 record. They haven't won an ACC game. But that's what makes them dangerous. The Eagles have to handle business because it's the little things that kill.

Machinehead. Probably my all-time favorite hype song. Nothing gets me going like the opening riff of this, and there's no way for my blood to not go from 0 to 100 mph when this comes on. I remember when this used to be played before kickoffs for some NFL teams, and I remember when we used to gear up for this in high school. Nothing, to this day, gets me going like this.

Honestly, I have no idea what the words mean, so I'm throwing out there that I feel the same way about this Boston College team. Sometimes I love it, sometimes I hate it. But I can't sit here and tell you which BC team will show up this week. On the one hand, you have the machine of an offense, the one that can march up and down the field on anyone. But at the same time, you have to remember that this offense is literally going to be a one-year wonder, that anything that's done this year will change drastically next year following the departures of Tyler Murphy and company. At least the running backs will be back. So how much can we tinker with this offense until we just accept it for what it is: good against bad defenses and bad against good defenses?

The same goes for the defense. When it's good, it's great. When it's bad, it's awful. But, remember, it's a work in progress, one that's going to take a couple of years to introduce. Don Brown is not without his faults, and I think this year's defense reflects it. But the machine keeps moving forward.

I have a good idea that BC will show up and play strong on Saturday. But at the same time, they very easily could lay an egg. I'm definitely hyped for Saturday, but I have NO IDEA what to think. Machinehead.

The Sound of Winter. Saturday in Winston-Salem is going to be cold. The midday temperature will climb up into the 70s, but the temperature will drop into the 40s at night. The temperature this week is going to dip into the 30s in Boston, and the first sign of winter is coming. That means Boston College will need to gear up because the way they've played is about to change. Playing in heat and humidity (it was warm on Saturday against Clemson) is significantly different compared to playing in the cold. The next few games are going to have some cold weather attached to it - Wake Forest on the road, Louisville at home. How BC plays is going to be dictated by how they can adjust to new conditions.

Matchup Fun Facts

School Name: Wake Forest University
Nickname: Demon Deacons

Founded: 1834
All-Time Record: 430-628-33
Claimed National Championships: 0
Bowl Games: 10
Postseason Record: 6-4

Head Coach: Dave Clawson
Years at School: First Season

Head-to-Head with BC

All-Time Series: BC leads, 11-8-2
Streak: BC, 1
Last BC Win: 2013 (24-10 at BC)
Last WF Win: 2012 (28-14 at WF)
First Meeting: 1941 (26-6 at BC)