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Boston College 24, Wake Forest 10: Quotables

Postgame quotes following Boston College football's 24-10 win over Wake Forest in the 2013 ACC season opener.

The kids are having fun again
The kids are having fun again
Jared Wickerham

Head Coach Steve Addazio's overall impressions

"Obviously, it's great to get a win. You know it's great to be 2-0. It's great to get your first conference win for our team. I'm proud of our guys. We had a mindset today, we went out there, we were going to really empty the drawer a little bit. We came out throwing it, play-actioning it, taking some shots down the field. That's what we wanted to do."

"I thought the resounding thing here was that we played hard, we played physical, we played like a team. When one was down, the other was up. We complimented each other. Our kids had great resilience and great will which I think is critically important. It's as important as anything right now. "

"The kids are playing hard. The kids are playing together like a team. They're fighting hard. They're doing a lot of good things for week two. I thought our team really progressed from week one. That's ultimately the goal, to get better each week. We've got a lot of football ahead of us. We've got a big game this week and we've got a chance to fight to be 3-0. That's all you can ask for."

"Really empty the drawer a little bit" makes me excited for the rest of the year and the years ahead. There is more than enough room for improvement on offense this season, but you can also tell that Day/Addazio have adapted the playbook to Rettig's strength (and may have been holding back a bit in the 'Nova game). Looking forward to seeing what this offense looks like when the new staff is able to get a QB that can run the offense Addazio wants to run.

Addazio on the Defensive Effort

"I was proud of the way our defense played. They held on that unbelievable goal line stand which was incredibly important for us. They played really strong all night."

Don Brown mustache helmet stickers for the entire defense.

Addazio on the Offensive Effort

"I thought that our offense punched hard, really wore down their defense and had a really great critical last drive to keep moving the chains."

That last drive was a thing of beauty. Everyone knew what was coming yet the Demon Deacons couldn't stop Andre Williams from barreling down the field in a thoroughly demoralizing drive for the Wake D. We are only two games in, but one thing is clear that Addazio knows Boston College football and its history. My hope is that this drive solidified the offensive identity for Addazio and the staff.

Senior QB Chase Rettig

"I think it's awesome to be 2-0. It just gives credit to how hard we're working, so we just have to continue to work really hard. We get out of it what we put in. The best thing about being 2-0, as coach is always telling us, is that we have a chance to be 3-0. We're going to have fun and celebrate the win tonight and tomorrow we have to get ready and get focused for USC."

A chance to be 3-0, indeed.

Sophomore DB Bryce Jones on big defensive plays:

"It has a lot to do with the coaches. Coach Addazio came in and you could tell he was aggressive. He was straight forward and detailed and it carried on to the rest of the coaches. They always talk about organized chaos and we're all buying into it so it works out. We're a lot more aggressive."

<3 Don Brown

Jones on only allowing 55 rushing yards:

"It means everything. Coach Brown's thing is stopping the run. He wants to stop the run. Our defensive line is playing great right now. Our linebackers are giving the DB's a chance to cover and just worry about the receivers."

This, and the fact that Wake Forest High school runs the pitch option better than the Deacs

Senior RB Andre Williams on the heavy workload:

"I'm a running back, I love running the ball. Putting the ball in my hands - there's nothing I like more than that. Coach Addazio is an offensive guy, he loves to run the ball, and it couldn't work out better for me."

Williams rushed for a career high 204 yards on 35 carries and now ranks 19th on the school's career rushing yards list. While I would have liked to have seen AW out of the game towards the end, it's clear he's going to be one of the biggest beneficiaries of the change in offensive coaching staff.