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Boston College Football Press Conference: Steve Addazio On Wake Forest

Coach Addazio hopped on the weekly ACC Media Conference Call to discuss Wake Forest, Michael Campanaro [nightmare fuel], improvement, veterans and the Eagles' #2 receiver. Dan Crimmins? Dave Dudeck?

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Coach Addazio hopped on the weekly ACC Media Conference Call to discuss Wake Forest, Michael Campanaro [nightmare fuel], improvement, veterans and the Eagles' #2 receiver. Dan Crimmins? Dave Dudeck?

COACH ADDAZIO: I just want to say we learned a lot from the game we played last week. I thought our team played physical. I thought our team played hard. I thought we needed to execute at a higher level, especially early on. Need to limit the big plays on defense. Don't give back yards and scores on offense through penalties.

We played a fine football team. We battled. In first games the objective is to win and be physical. I thought we did that.

We now face Wake Forest. Got a lot of respect for Coach Grobe. He's a great coach. His teams are always well‑coached, prepared. They're a team on offense that obviously likes to run the option. They've got play‑makers in Tanner Price, their quarterback; Josh Harris, their running back; of course, Mike Campanaro will be back; Jonathan Williams. There's eight returning starters on offense. Complex offensive scheme in the run game.

On defense, they have some fine players. Mike Olson is an exceptional linebacker, as well as Justin Jackson and A.J. Marshall. They've been able to execute and get a lot of sacks. They've had interceptions. Kevin Johnson and A.J. Marshall. Seven returning starters on defense. Their nose guard Nikita Whitlock, a heck of a football player, really active. They held Presbyterian to 151 yards of total offense.

We're playing a fine football team, a great coach, a great staff. We know this is going to be a great challenge for us. We're certainly looking forward to getting this thing going on Friday night.

MIKE FINN: Questions for Coach Addazio.

Q. This game features two guys that have been two of the top receivers in the ACC over the last two years. Alex Amidon and Mike Campanaro at Wake. Talk about the two of them, what the differences are, what they both do well.

COACH ADDAZIO: I think the commonality there is they're both really intense, competitive guys. Had a chance to meet Mike at the ACC Media Day. Struck me that they got that look in their eye, both of them. They're competitors. On the field, they catch the ball well, run great routes. There's definitely some similarities there.

Q. I was also struck by the fact in the first week of the season both teams emerged with a very high turnover margin. Is that a function of the way the defenses performed?

COACH ADDAZIO: Well, I think, to speak for us, our defense is really coaching every day, trying to create turnovers with scheme. Whether that be sacks that can lead to turnovers, whether that be interceptions through coverage disguise, whether that be stripping of the football.

Obviously that's a huge deal and something that you want to take care of on an offense and create on defense.

Q. Coming off that tough win, what area are you looking to most improve upon for this week?

COACH ADDAZIO: Well, I thought we came out a little bit slow on defense, but we finished real strong I thought on defense. We played a good football team. That's a team with a lot of play‑makers and a lot of weapons.

We gave up a touchdown on special teams. We had a punt safe look out there, they faked a punt, which is a great scheme to them. Credit to them. I thought on offense we ran the ball well. Had some great play‑action.

We need a higher level of execution quicker. You don't want to get yourself behind against an ACC opponent. It's harder to get back. So I would say that we would like to start the game at a much higher level of execution both sides of the ball.

Q. You inherited a bunch of veteran skill guys that all seemed to play well in the first game. Talk about how they adapted to the new offensive scheme you're trying to run.

COACH ADDAZIO: Well, I wouldn't say we have a bunch of veteran skill guys. We have our quarterback, Alex Amidon, then Andre Williams has certainly played some football here. There's not a bunch.

I would say they've embraced the fact that we are trying to utilize the talents we have best here at BC right now. We have a power back, a pretty sizable offensive line playing hard, a quarterback that throws it well, and we have one receiver that has a bunch of experience and has caught a bunch of balls.

I think what we did is we tried to utilize that. We had a good run game, play‑action game. Tried to stay in balance as much as we could. I think that's kind of our recipe.

That's what we need to keep doing, be able to manage and get the most production out of the skill players we actually have.

Q. Can you talk about the job that Chase did in his first start for you.

COACH ADDAZIO: I thought Chase played well. I thought he had good composure with the team. I think Chase will improve each week.

I like what he's doing. He's played a bunch of snaps now, and we need that. For us to have success, Chase has to play well. That's really where that is. He's one of our few veteran skill players. That position is one that matters the most. Your quarterback's got to play at a high level for you to win, especially with our team.

He's worked real hard. I really like Chase a lot. I like his preparation.

Q. Alex obviously had the big game. Who is in line to be the other receiver, a balancing receiver?

COACH ADDAZIO: We're working on that, to tell you the truth. We think that Danny Crimmins is a young guy, big guy that we feel is coming on. We feel that Dave Dudeck is a guy that played some tailback for us, but we'll utilize him as well because we feel he's a dependable guy with good hands. Those are a couple of guys we're working with right now.

We don't have a great experienced deep receiving corporation. Bobby Swigert was a guy that played a lot here, but he's not playing this season. We're trying to develop some young guys to create some balance in our throw game for sure. For me to tell you we have proven guys, that's not the case. 'Proven' means it's been done over and over again in the ACC. We're striving for that.

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