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Boston College Football: Depth Chart For Wake Forest Game

Not much has changed for the second game of the year.

Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

Steve Addazio released the second depth chart of the year yesterday, and honestly not much has changed. Boston College escaped the Villanova game without major injury, and the depth chart reflects that for our matchup against Wake Forest.

1. Chase Rettig
2. Josh Bordner or Mike Marscovetra

Bordner seems to be healthy, Chase Rettig is fine. Thank god.

1. Andre Williams
2. David Dudeck

Everyone can breath a collective sigh of relief, Andre Williams is healthy enough to play. No idea what is going on with Tahj Kimble. Steve Addazio hasn't talked about him much, and honestly I think he and Andre Williams would be the best running back combination on the team. Dudeck and Tyler Rouse both played last week, but neither were effective.

Wide Receiver
1. Alex Amidon, Spiffy Evans, and Dan Crimmins
2. Harrison Jackson, Karium Zoungrana, Marcus Grant, Drew Barksdale

Hard to believe that any of these other wide receivers actually played last weekend because if their name wasn't Alex Amidon they weren't heard from. They were out there though, and are going to need to become involved in the gameplan soon before defenses start doubling, putting safeties on Amidon to neutralize him.

Y Back
1. C.J. Parsons
2. Michael Giacone or Louie Addazio

H Back
1. Mike Naples

Same as last week. Parsons had the lone catch out of this group. Wonder if they have finally caught their breath from the incessant double tight end motions that Ryan Day ran last weekend.

1. Jarrett Darmstatter
2. Bobby Wolford

Wolford was one of the stars last week, you have to imagine that he is going to continue to get playing time until he shows that he deserves otherwise.

Left Tackle
1. Matt Patchan
2. Seth Betancourt or Dave Bowen

Right Tackle
1. Ian White
2. Jim Cashman

1. Andy Gallik
2. Frank Taylor

Right Guard
1. Harris Williams
2. Aaron Kramer

Left Guard
1. Bobby Vardaro
2. Paul Gaughan

After watching the game replay it was clear that this group did an admirable job against Villanova. They kept Chase Rettig on his feet, and did the best they could against the 9-10 guys that were stacking the box against the run. This week should be a good test, and I'll be very interested to see how they handle Nikita Whitlock and some talented Wake Forest defenders.

Defensive End
1. Brian Mihalik, Kasim Edebali
2. Kevin Kavalec, Kaleb Ramsey

Left Defensive Tackle
1. Mehdi Abdesmad
2. Jaryd Rudolph, Kieran Borcich

Right Defensive Tackle
1. Connor Wujciak
2. Dominic Appiah

Interesting that Addazio is going with Mihalik over Kaleb Ramsey this week. Also, mea culpa, in my post game Good Bad and Ugly, I said the D-Line was invisible. But after looking at the stats Kasim Edebali had a MONSTER game last week. Three tackles for loss, a sack, and a fumble recovery. He always has seemed a half step behind in years past, but that is quite the game.

Strongside Linebacker
1. Kevin Pierre-Louis
2. Josh Keyes

Middle Linebacker
1. Steele Divitto
2. Sean Duggan

Weak-side Linebacker
1. Steven Daniels
2. Tim Joy or Mike Strizak

No change, hopefully the play of the guys around Kevin Pierre Louis will change though. They are a very talented crew, but BC can't have the brain farts that they had last weekend against Wake Forest, Michael Campanaro will eat them alive.

Left Corner
1. Manny Asprilla
2. John Johnson or Al Louis Jean

Right Corner
1. Bryce Jones
2. C.J. Jones

Free Safety
1. Sean Sylvia
2. Justin Simmons OR Ted Davenport

Strong Safety
1. Spenser Rositano
2. Dominique Williams OR Matt Milano

Al Louis Jean is back after serving his suspension last weekend for breaking team rules. The secondary for the most part had a very strong game last weekend, making three picks and sealing the game when Sean Sylvia made the final interception.

Kicker & Punter
1. Nate Freese
2. Alex Howell

Kick Return & Punt Return
1. Spiffy Evans
2. David Dudeck

1. Leonard Skubal
2. Mike Naples

Freese is punting again. He averaged a little over 38 yards a punt last week. Spiffy Evans was a tad frustrating allowing many of the punts to bounce pinning the Eagles deep. Hopefully he will have either more opportunities to return the punt or call more fair catches.