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The Boston College-Wake Forest Rivalry To Fight Hunger

Using our powers for good instead of evil.

Michael Campanaro just scored another TD on the Eagles
Michael Campanaro just scored another TD on the Eagles
Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

A few weeks back I sat down with Blogger So Dear's John Mundy to talk conference realignment, football, billboards and, of course, our fake BC-Wake Forest Rivalry, #TheRivalry. As part of our discussion, we batted around ways of really upping the #BCvsWakeBingo ante here.

So how can we go about transforming the Boston College vs. Wake Forest football little r rivalry into a full-blown big R rivalry?

Mundy: Funny you should mention this. The easy way to do this, mind you, would be to manufacture some sort of squabble with a North/South slant to it. Frankly, there are enough Southerners down here still upset with the blowout loss to Grant's Union forces that they'd sign up for a rematch in a heartbeat. However, that could get a tad messy. Further, if the South lost again President Christie may take away our Bojangles, so that's obviously out.

Let's be honest, here. Boston College is an ACC school located in an area that houses around 193 colleges but most Tobacco Road followers wouldn't blink if the Deacs were relegated to the Southern Conference. Fact is, nobody cares about Wake/BC unless Matt Ryan and Riley Skinner are involved. It's quite the dilemma, but I have an idea.

Let's use our powers for good instead of evil.

How about we use the Showdown on Chestnut Hill as a vehicle to fight hunger?

Using a crowdsourcing platform, we could ask alumni and fans of both schools to pledge any amount of money for the purpose of combating hunger in our local communities, with a target amount of $5,000. If Wake Forest wins the game on Friday, September 6, 60 percent of the money in the kitty will go to the Second Harvest Food Bank of Northwest North Carolina, with the remaining 40 percent going to the Greater Boston Food Bank. Obviously, the opposite will occur if Boston College wins.

This way, we can truly have a "civil" war and nobody gets hurt.

What say you, Mr. BC Interruption? You think that will work?

The ACC may no longer be invited to Fight Hunger! with Kraft Foods in San Francisco, but we can still do our part to support a worthy cause a little closer to home.

We'll provide some information that details how exactly this project is going to work, and how you can contribute over the next few weeks. For now, wanted to get your thoughts on this idea. Think a few entrepreneurial Boston College and Wake Forest fans can raise $5K to fight hunger in Northwest North Carolina and the Greater Boston area?