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Boston College AD Brad Bates Was A Popular Man On Twitter Yesterday

After Boston College's disappointing loss to Wake Forest, BC fans took to Twitter to let AD Brad Bates hear their displeasure.

Joe Robbins

When Brad Bates was hired, one of the first moves he made was to make a twitter handle. And credit when credit is due, he has been active on it, unlike Gene DeFilippo who hasn't been seen on Twitter since mid-January. Whether Bates is actually running his account, or the BC SID is, they have to be aware of the flood of comments or "@'s" for you not aware of the world of twitter. After yesterday's game, Bates account was bombarded with angry BC fans, so let's look at some of the most memorable tweets:

There was general malaise amongst some.

Others offered financial threats to the new Athletic Director.

Some tweeters had innovative ways to get BC fans to show up to next weekend's game.

While one tweeter had an idea on where to leave Spaz.

And lots, and lots and lots of anger towards Coach Frank Spaziani.