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Boston College vs. Virginia Tech: Interview With Gobbler Country

Want to know about the Hokies and their peaks and valleys this season? We've got you covered

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As BC prepares for their matchup with Virginia Tech on Saturday, we got the privilege of talking with SBNation Blog Gobbler Country.

BC Interruption: Michael Brewster seems to be on thin ice with the Hokies right now. What has been his story this year?

Gobbler Country: Well, he came in and was the game manager that the Hokies desperately needed after Logan Thomas seemingly was the VT offense in 2012 and 2013. He is a gamer, but over the past several weeks the charismatic kid from Texas (Texas Tech transfer) has been inconsistent and unable to move the chains for the Hokies. He does not have great arm strength, which really limits his ability when the pocket begins to collapse. If the o-line plays well Brewer is really dangerous with his quick decision making, but if he is getting chased around all afternoon look for him to struggle. I wouldn't mind seeing him and Mark Leal (who has great arm strength and escapability) to split the reps this week in case Brewer isn't effective on Saturday.

BC Interruption: Defense has always been a point of pride for the Hokies, but they have struggled against running quarterbacks. How do you think they will do against Tyler Murphy (#1 rushing QB in the country)

Gobbler Country: Murphy is a helluva an athlete and could take advantage of a banged up Hokies front seven. I think the real problem for Bud Foster's unit is not having had the opportunity to play against some of these running quarterbacks before. Bud is a great DC, but struggles game planning for guys he has only seen on tape and then making adjustments based off how they are playing in the game. At Pitt, their QB took what VT gave him and was really effective running the ball. I don't think Pitt planned on running the QB that much, but due to Tyler Boyd being cover most of the night they chose to run him when he had the opportunity. Murphy will probably keep BC moving the chains with his feet and VT will plan as if he will run the ball, but coaching adjustments and line play will be the keys to this game, as they are in most.

BC Interruption: Some fans seem to have turned on Frank Beamer, what gives? Do you think he will be around much longer? How about Bud Foster?

Gobbler Country: It is a tricky situation in Blacksburg. Frank is and will always be Virginia Tech football, but when you have great success anything less feels like failure and I think that is where the Hokies are. This VT team is probably the most talented from top to bottom that they have been in a really long time, however, they lack experience and talent on the offensive line, which is hard to overcome. Beamer sees the talent, but can't seem to coach the experience, which not too many people can. I think Frank will be around through next season unless for some reason Whit Babcock (the new AD) knows he can make a home run hire. The uproar is from a vocal minority that don't see how hard it is to win in college football especially with a lack of experience at nearly every position.

Bud is great and deserves a lot of credit for his tenure in Blacksburg, but this defense is not like the big, physical defenses people are accustomed to seeing. They are very fast and athletic, but lack physicality and depth. Bud, in my opinion will probably leave with Beamer. If Frank would have retired under the last AD then Bud would probably be the guy, but I think the Hokies will go for a big hire post Beamer.

BC Interruption: BC has one of the better defenses in the country right now (statistically speaking). how do you expect Virginia Tech to score points? Second part of the question, are you sick of Scot Loeffler yet?

Gobbler Country: The benefit/pit-fall of having tons of freshmen skill guys is their ability to forget bad plays because they are so inexperienced that they focus on fundamentals and tend to not play from instinct. Look for FR running back Marshawn Williams to play well against BC and for TE Bucky Hodges, and WR's Cam Philips and Isaiah Ford to be targeted early. If the Hokies can stay ahead of the chains, limit pre-snap penalties they will move the ball. The real downfall these past few weeks (according to the coaches/players is execution), but I think play calling is the problem. On 3rd and 10 a five yard out route won't keep you on the field, but those are the plays being called. This VT offense is built to play downhill yet the plays are to play sideline to sideline, so my opinion is that Scot Leoffler is not calling the right plays in the right situations. His system works well, but is continent on a big, huge arm QB that can stand in the pocket and make plays (ie Tom Brady, Peyton, etc.) as well as skill guys to throw it to and a running game as an added touch. In the college game all of those things are hard to come by unless you are Alabama. If he stays around long enough the Hokies will get the pieces to work, but at this time he has one half of the equation and now needs a QB and O-line to deliver and look for Chris Durkin/Andrew Ford, who are redshirting as freshmen, to fit this system well over the next few years if Scot keeps his job.

BC Interruption: What Hokie team do you expect to see Saturday morning, the team that shocked Ohio State or the team that got trounced by Miami? Got a prediction?

Gobbler Country: Honestly, I don't know. I think a team that is somewhere between the two is a fair assumption. I think the Hokies will be better in calling the right plays and staying ahead of the chains. The key for me is if the defense can show up and get the Hokies offense in decent field position, then you could see Ohio State-esque VT. One thing ive noticed through my analysis is how dangerous the Hokies offense is when they get in the opponents territory . They play fast, physical and can really move the ball, but all of that is contingent upon Bud's defense stopping BC and winning the field position battle. Prediction: VT 24- BC 17. They can't play any worse than they did against Pitt or Miami and I think they will force Murphy to beat them through the air, which is not when he is his best. Look for the Hokies secondary to fly around and make plays.