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Boston College Vs. Virginia Tech: Steve Addazio Press Conference Transcript

Coach Addazio talks Virginia Tech prep, Virginia Tech OC Scott Loeffler, Ryan Day, Red Sox and the Eagles' receiver situation.

Tyler Smith

COACH ADDAZIO: Obviously looking forward to playing Saturday. We're playing a great Virginia Tech defense, number three defense in America. Five in rushing defense. Two in passing defense. Second ranked in sacks with 28. Returning nine starters.

This is as good a defense as I really think I've seen, certainly in the top three in my career. I think they do an unbelievable job with their scheme. They get their players to play hard. They have good players, good coaches. I'm really, really impressed with that defense.

Of course, their special teams, which Coach Beamer has always been known for, I think are just outstanding. They play fast and physical. They've got good scheme. That's the sign of a really good football team, obviously a really good head football coach and assistant football coaches.

On offense, their quarterback, Logan Thomas, I think is just a heck of a football player. Big, strong guy that can throw it. Receivers that can catch it. They're a scary offense that can certainly send the ball down the field on you. He can become their power back.

We've got our work cut out for us, needless to say. But we've played a lot of tough teams here. This is another one coming right in here that Chestnut Hill.

We're excited about the game. I think our players are excited to play this quality an opponent. Working real hard in game plan and preparations.


Q. When you look at them offensively, why have they not been able to get going in the run game?

COACH ADDAZIO: I always think that's a hard question. There's not a single answer to that. There's a lot of factors that go into the run game. It's your offensive line, you're tight ends, your runningbacks. There's a lot that goes into that. There's a lot of gel that has to happen. But it all starts up front. So there's a lot to it.

I've watched them. They're averaging 124 rushing yards per game. They're averaging passing 335 total yards. Averaging 21.5 points per game. I remember at Florida there was a time when Tim Tebow was a bit of our power back. Sometimes Logan Thomas creates those yards for him. He's got 258 yards rushing on 101 attempts.

There's a lot of ways to skin the cat. I think he presents that. I think they've got the redshirt freshman, sophomore, Coleman and Edmunds. I don't know if I'm answering your question, but I see them being able to run the ball. They're a scary team because they have the wherewithal to run the power game, but yet they can also get on the perimeter on you. Of course, their quarterback's got a big arm.

Q. You coached with Scott Loeffler. What is your opinion, take on him? What is that relationship like, if it's there?

COACH ADDAZIO: It's a great relationship. I think that Scot Loeffler is really one of the young, bright minds in football. I've been around a lot of great football guys. Scott really knows football. He really has a great sense of the game, really in a lot of different styles of offenses.

He's a bright guy. He really knows football. He has a great appreciation for the run game and for the offensive line component, though he was a quarterback. I think he's a tremendous person. Loyal guy. Hard‑working guy. Really I can't say enough good things about him because that's how really strong I do feel about Scott.

Of course, I'm not really going to care too much for him this week, but that's just the nature of the way it is in competition, right? Getting ready to play each other. We'll put all that on hold until that game is over.

Q. I wanted to ask you about Scot Loeffler. Did you ever consider hiring him at BC when you got the job there for offensive coordinator?

COACH ADDAZIO: I certainly would have. What happened was, Scott, when I was at Temple, left and took the job at Auburn, which was a great opportunity for him. I was very encouraging for him. Of course, I hired Ryan Day. Ryan was my coordinator. When we came to Boston, Ryan had been at Boston College, Ryan is my coordinator. I love Ryan to death. That spot was filled.

But Scott and I, we certainly talked a whole bunch. I loved working with Scott and would have loved to work with him again. He's a heck of a guy now, heck of a football coach. He really is. He knows what he's doing.

Q. Being down here in North Carolina, what is the atmosphere like in Boston? Do you make it in the newspapers with all the World Series mania going on?

COACH ADDAZIO: Well, obviously the World Series and the Red Sox right now, as it should be, everyone is engulfed with the Red Sox and should be. It's the coolest thing in the world. Playing for a world championship. I think it's awesome. We've had great coverage here, great media interest. Especially for a team that we're rebuilding, starting fresh, it's just been a great environment up here.

There won't be many people that won't be watching that game tonight, I promise you.

Q. You don't have tickets, do you?

COACH ADDAZIO: No. I got a few things to do here. We're going to work and strain here. But the game's on late enough, this is our Wednesday, we'll be able to catch part of it. I won't be able to get out there.

After being out at practice this morning, it was pretty cold and rainy. I don't know if I can sit outside one more time.

Q. Anybody growing any beards?

COACH ADDAZIO: No. I mean, we probably have some coaches losing some more hair. But actually Sean Sylvia, one of our safeties, has one of those beards going right now. He's a huge Red Sox fans. I tease him every day. It's hilarious. He looks like the guys on the team.

Q. I know just like the Red Sox it's an all‑hands‑on‑deck situation for your receivers. Could you speak to maybe one guy you've kind of tapped to help fill the void with Spiffy Evans' absence, David Dudeck. Would it surprise you to know he was a utility guy in high school?

COACH ADDAZIO: You know, I didn't know that. Dave might be one of the best competitors on our football team. He's the guy that took every snap at pre‑season camp, tailback receiver, et cetera. He's a highly accountable guy. Dave is going to go out there and do his job, be where he's supposed to be, catch the ball if the ball is thrown to him. We're going to rely on him heavily as not only a receiver but a punt returner. I know Dave will get that job done.

Q. What concerns do you have about him making that transition back from runningback to the receiver slot?

COACH ADDAZIO: Well, he's been doing that now for a while. I think Dave used himself as kind of that slot guy to begin with.

Just really being precise in your routes. He's got to be a great technician, be able to get in and out of cuts. To be really able to extend for the ball, that's something we're working hard with our receivers on, not trying to catch the ball in their body, but to extend to the ball. When you're playing man teams, you have to do that. It's not like you're going to have clean catches.

We're working hard with him and the other receivers on that, as well as perimeter blocking like that. That's a real work in progress.

Q. I asked Dave this, but your take. What credit do you think he deserves for Andre Williams' thousand‑yard season having repped as much as he did at pre‑season camp?

COACH ADDAZIO: You're 100% right. I'm telling you, that kid took about every snap in pre‑season camp. It was unbelievable sometimes the licking he would take. That gave Andre an opportunity to keep his body intact and fresh. That is a huge factor. It's one of those unknown little things that kind of people take for granted. But we don't here.

He's a warrior, man. That guy right there is an unselfish guy who lays it on the line every day. You could tell him to play D tackle, he'd run in there and do it. Those guys are invaluable.

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