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Boston College Football: Louie Addazio Eligible To Play Immediately

Coach's son will be eligible to play in 2013

Rob Carr

One of the biggest shockers of the week one depth chart was the availability of Steve Addazio's son Louie, and his inclusion as a Y Back. Many of us thought that he would have to follow the NCAA transfer rules and be forced to sit out a year.

The boys over at HeightsSports have the explanation:

There was some surprise when Louie Addazio, the son of BC’s head coach, was listed at tight end on the two-deep that came out yesterday. The NCAA granted Addazio a waiver that allows him to play right away, avoiding the typical year off that most transfer have to serve, according to BC. Addazio did not see the field for Syracuse in 2011 or 2012.

Heightssports was not clear on what the waiver was for, and believe me NCAA rules are not known for being consistent or "fair". He is the smallest of the listed Y Backs, at 6'3, but falls right in line with the other Y's at 253 lbs.

When he was recruited in high school Addazio was a two star tight end with offers from Akron and South Florida, but chose to go to Syracuse a school with deep ties to his father.

The loss of Chris Pantale at the end of last year was possibly BC's biggest subtraction due to graduation. None of the players from last season (C.J. Parsons) really stood out so any depth that they can add for 2013 will be beneficial to the Eagles. Will Addazio overtake Parsons or Mike Giacone? Not sure. But with a renewed emphasis on the run, Addazio's could be big, especially if there is an injury.