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Boston College Football: Depth Chart For Villanova Game

The depth chart for the opener has been released, who is on the two deep?

Jared Wickerham

Boston College released their depth chart yesterday, Steve Addazio's first ever. First off, he uses a lot of old school football terms such as "Y Back" "H Back" and "Tailback", which is a big difference. Secondly, there are a few names on there that wasn't expected. Let's see who will be playing on Saturday.

1. Chase Rettig
2. Josh Bordner or Mike Marscovetra

No real big surprise here, Rettig is going to be the starter this entire season. According to the Boston Globe, Addazio has been non committal about Bordner for Saturday. As many of you predicted, neither of the freshmen (James Walsh or Mack Lowrie) are on the depth chart.

1. Andre Williams
2. David Dudeck

Again no real big shockers on this one. Dudeck has had a great summer, and earned his way up the two deep. No word on Tyler Rouse's injury, but I'm guessing we could see Myles Wilis on Saturday as well.

Wide Receiver
1. Alex Amidon, Spiffy Evans, and Dan Crimmins
2. Harrison Jackson, Karium Zoungrana, Marcus Grant, Drew Barksdale

Amidon is an All ACC WR so of course he's playing and Spiffy gives the Eagles a speedy option. Crimmins is a huge target and reportedly had a great summer. The 2's are no surprise, Drew Barksdale is the first true freshman on the list.

Y Back
1. C.J. Parsons
2. Michael Giacone or Louie Addazio

H Back
1. Mike Naples

Kind of confused here, I thought Addazio was a transfer and was therefore ineligible to play this year. Was there a loop hole that allowed him to play?

1. Jarrett Darmstatter
2. Bobby Wolford

Jake Sinkovec's injury is severe enough that he will be missing the game, Darnstatter was projected to play major downs as FB. Wolford is one of the most interesting stories of the summer, transitioning from LB to FB.

Left Tackle
1. Matt Patchan
2. Seth Betancourt or Dave Bowen

Right Tackle
1. Ian White
2. Jim Cashman

1. Andy Gallik
2. Frank Taylor

Right Guard
1. Harris Williams
2. Aaron Kramer

Left Guard
1. Bobby Vardaro
2. Paul Gaughan

Surprised that Win Homer isn't on the list, but everyone else seems to be pretty much what you would expect. Andy Gallik apparently had a very solid summer, but if he struggles expect Taylor to get his first reps. This group is going to have to play well, or the running game is going to suffer. Cross your fingers.

Defensive End
1. Kaleb Ramsey, Kasim Edebali
2. Kevin Kavalec, Brian Mihalik

Left Defensive Tackle
1. Mehdi Abdesmad
2. Jaryd Rudolph, Kieran Borcich

Right Defensive Tackle
1. Connor Wujciak
2. Dominic Appiah

Kaleb Ramsey is healthy and is going to play, which is huge for a pass rushing defense that was non existent in 2012. Interesting to see Kavalec (a true freshman) get on the depth, but that's what happens when the coaching staff likes your play. Abdesmad makes his transition over to tackle, which should be interesting because the kid is huge and struggled on the edge, the change might be good for him.

Strongside Linebacker
1. Kevin Pierre-Louis
2. Josh Keyes

Middle Linebacker
1. Steele Divitto
2. Sean Duggan

Weak-side Linebacker
1. Steven Daniels
2. Tim Joy or Mike Strizak

The starters are no surprise, and honestly with Don Brown's scheme I am excited to see what they can do. Josh Keyes had a great summer, and earned his way onto the chart, while Joy and Strizak add some youthful depth to the linebackers

Left Corner
1. Manny Asprilla
2. John Johnson or James McCaffrey

Right Corner
1. Bryce Jones
2. C.J. Jones

Free Safety
1. Sean Sylvia
2. Justin Simmons OR Ted Davenport

Strong Safety
1. Spenser Rositano
2. Dominique Williams OR Matt Milano

What strikes me here is that we have two true freshman on the two deep, along with a walk on. Now I know this is due partially to Al Louis-Jean being suspended, but I truly worry what will happen if someone goes down. The starters are talented, but the backups have a lot to prove.

Kicker & Punter
1. Nate Freese
2. Alex Howell

Kick Return & Punt Return
1. Spiffy Evans
2. David Dudeck

1. Leonard Skubal
2. Mike Naples

Nate Freese is your punter. Honestly didn't see that coming. I figured Howell would be the starting punter. Probably won't have to do much work against 'Nova.