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Boston College Eagles vs. USC Trojans: Depth Chart

Depth chart for Saturday nights game.

Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

Time to move on past last weekend's demoralizing loss to Pitt. Addazio said in his weekly press conference that BC will be using a lot of freshmen this weekend against USC, which isn't surprising. But taking a look at the depth chart, nothing has changed other than some shifts in linebacker due to the injuries to Sean Duggan.

1. Tyler Murphy (6-2, 213, GS)
2. Darius Wade (6-0, 201, Fr.)

Let's all take a deep breath here and think critically about the starting quarterback. Is Tyler Murphy perfect? Absolutely not. But is he the best option moving forward if BC wants to win? Yes. There is no way Darius Wade or Troy Flutie would be a step up from Murphy, and the fact that we want to throw out Murphy after just two games is overreacting to the max. Give the guy a chance. If he can improve on his passes, and be quicker on his decisions he could be a serviceable QB.

1. Myles Willis (5-9, 203, So.)
2. Tyler Rouse (5-8, 194, So.) or
Marcus Outlow (5-10, 207, Fr) or
Jonathan Hilliman (6-0, 215 Fr.) or
Richard Wilson (5-10, 212 Fr.)

The tailbacks got neutralized quickly last week, and Addazio inexplicably forgot about them during the second half, instead relying on the passing game and Murphy's runs.  They need to make plays against a very good USC defensive line.

1. Bobby Wolford (6-2, 248, So)
2. Sean Burke (5-11, 234, Jr.)

Same as last weekend.

1. Charlie Callinan (6-4, 220, So.)
2. Jeffrey Jay (6-2, 197, Sr.)

1.  Josh Bordner (6-4, 230, GS)
2. Thadd Smith (5-9, 168, Fr.)
or Gabe McClary (6-3, 185, Fr.)

1 Dan Crimmins 6-5 237 Jr. 
2. Drew Barksdale 5-11 195 Fr. or
Shakim Phillips 6-3 206 Gr. or
Sherman Alston 5-6 163 Fr

I really hope that Addazio and Day contemplate the packages he keeps sending out there for WR. I don't hate the screen passes and passes to the flat, but the guys catching those shouldn't be Callinan/Bordner/Crimmins. First off Crimmins was dropping too many passes, secondly the three of these WR's sorely lack either the ability to shake the initial hit, and don't have the speed to avoid defenders. Shakim Phillips/Drew Barksdale/Thadd Smith/Sherm Alston should be given a shot with these passes, see if they can get into some space and make some moves. Other than, I worry about any of these receivers creating space against USC.

1. Michael Giacone (6-5, 262, JR.)
2. Louie Addazio (6-3, 253, So.) or
Joel Rich (6-3, 255, R-Fr)

Same as before.

1. Seth Betancourt (6-6, 300, Sr.)
2. Dave Bowen (6-7, 291, Jr.)

1. Bobby Vardaro (6-5, 299, Sr.)
2. Jim Cashman (6-7, 301, Jr).

1. Andy Gallik (6-3, 304, Sr.)
2. Frank Taylor (6-6, 304, So.)

1. Aaron Kramer (6-7, 293, GS)
2. Seth Betancourt (6-6, 300, Sr.)

1. Ian Silberman (6-5, 294, Gs)
2. Dave Bowen (6-7, 291, Sr.)

This group has to improve drastically over last week if they want a chance against USC. The entire crew struggled mightily both on pass and rushing schemes, and allowed Pitt to push them around. Gallik probably had the best game out of the crew, but if they can't open up holes against USC it's going to be a LOOOOOONNNNGGG game.


1. Brian Mihalik (6-9, 295, Sr.)
2. Malachi Moore (6-7, 274, Sr.)

1. Mehdi Abdesmad (6-7, 297, Sr.)
2. Nick Lifka (6-2 284 Sr.)

1. Connor Wujciak (6-3, 300, So.)
2. Noa Merritt (6-0, 268, Fr.) or
Truman Gutapfel (6-3, 289 Fr.)

1. Kevin Kavalec (6-3, 242, Fr.)
2. Harold Landry (6-3, 257, Fr) or
Seyi Adebayo (6-3 245 Gr)

Kavalec had a nice game, I noticed that the DT's were double teamed frequently. Again, they can't get blasted off the line the scrimmage on every play and expect to win. I would love to see Landry out there a little more as well, as he made some nice plays near the end of the game.

1. Josh Keyes (6-2, 223, Sr.)
2. Matt Milano (6-1, 220, So.) or
Christian Lezzer (6-0, 210, Fr.)


1. Steven Daniels (6-0, 249, Jr.) or
Connor Strachan (6-2 231 Fr.)

1. Mike Strizak (6-2, 229, So)
2. Ty Schwab (6-1 212 Fr.)

Sean Duggan is questionable going into this week. Going to probably see some freshmen this week playing meaningful minutes.


1. Manny Asprilla (5-11, 177, Sr.)
2. John Johnson (6-0, 180, So) or
Isaac Yiadom (6-1 170 Fr.)

1. Dominique Williams (6-0, 212, Sr.)
2. Sean Sylvia (6-0, 208, Sr.)

1. Justin Simmons (6-3, 188, Jr.)
2.  Ty Meer Brown (6-0, 201, GS) or
Kevin Bletzer (6-2 198 Fr)

1. Bryce Jones (6-1, 178, Jr.)
2. Kamrin Moore 5-11 186 Fr.

Nothing changed here. Not a great game last week, but not an awful one either. The two TD's by Tyler Boyd were brutal, but they did a solid job otherwise.


1. Alex Howell (6-5, 206, Jr.)
2. Joey Launceford (5-10 190 Sr)
3.. Mike Knoll (6-0, 214, Fr.)

1. Alex Howell (6-5, 206, Jr.)
2. Mike Knoll (6-0, 214, Fr.)

1. Leonard Skubal (5-10, 201, Jr.)
2. Mike Fischer (6-0, 217, Jr.)

1. Bryce Jones (6-0, 178, Jr.)
2. Thaddius Smith (5-9 167, Fr.) or
Sherm Allston (5-6, 163, Fr.)

1. Bryce Jones (6-0, 178, Jr.) 
Myles Willis (5-9, 203, So.) or
Sherm Allston (5-6, 163, Fr.)

No offense to Bryce Jones but can we please use one of the freshmen this week. Smith was a little shaky with one of his catches, but Jones seems very hesitant to catch any of the punts, instead he just allows them to roll.