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Boston College vs. USC: BCI Radio Looks At The Sons of Troy At 8 PM EST!

Does this make us an afternoon drive show in LA?

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A week ago, we were all riding high after Boston College dismantled UMass.  Predictions of victory stood in our head as BC prepared to take on a Pittsburgh team we all found very beatable, a virtual doppelganger of our Eagles.  Then came Friday.

A much different tone swept over the BC fan base this week following the rough show by the Eagles in their home opener on Friday night.  This makes for a completely different feel this week with a major test looming on the horizon - Southern California.

Few teams in college football need no introduction.  With their familiar red and yellow uniform, the Trojans are one of the most recognizable brands in college football.  They're one of the most storied programs ever to play on the gridiron.  They're also a team that's back on the rise after a down couple of years, which means challenging at the nationally ranked level.

Dan and AJ sit back and talk about Saturday night's nationally televised game between BC and USC at 8 PM EST.  They'll look inside what happened against Pitt and look ahead at what might happen against the Trojans.  Is this a case where BC gets murdered?  Or can the Eagles bounce back against one of the best teams in the Pac-12, a team ranked in the top 25?

Our guest this week is Evan Budrovich from Conquest Chronicles.  Evan will talk to the guys about the Trojans, their recent matchup with the Cardinal up at Stanford, and the culture of football in Los Angeles.  He'll also give some insight into the team we'll be seeing on the field from a straight up x's and o's perspective.

So tune in at 8 PM EST (5 PM California time!) and be sure to give us your calls at 646-200-0446!  This is going to be a memorable week!

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