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Boston College Will Shelve Red Bandana Uniforms For Rest Of Season

Perhaps we'll see these threads again next season, but you won't see them again in 2014.

Shotgun Spratling / Conquest Chronicles

On Tuesday, Boston College head coach Steve Addazio went on SiriusXM's College Sports Nation and told host Mark Packer that the football team would incorporate the red bandana the rest of the year to honor Welles Crowther (BC '99).

At the time, it was unclear how exactly the program would incorporate the red bandana tribute of Crowther's life throughout the rest of the year, with many speculating -- myself included -- that this meant we'd see the team wear some combination of the red bandana-inspired helmets, gloves, socks and cleats at some other point this season.

On Thursday, in a statement to The Heights, Boston College athletics clarified exactly how the program plans to use the red bandana during the rest of the year:

BC Athletics informed The Heights today that Addazio will likely keep a red bandanna in his pocket-like he did against the Trojans-for the rest of season to honor the former BC lacrosse player, who died saving at least a dozen lives on 9/11.

As I mentioned on Tuesday, I think this is the right move. Quickest way to make something less special is to do it over and over again. Perhaps we'll see these threads again next season for Boston College's "Service Day"-themed home game, but we've seen the last of the "Man in the Red Bandana"-inspired threads for 2014.