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USC 35, Boston College 7: Quotables

Postgame quotes following Boston College's 35-7 loss to USC in Los Angeles.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Head Coach Steve Addazio on the outcome

"I'm obviously disappointed in the outcome. I don't think we executed well at all. We gave up some 550 yards and on offense and we gained only 185-200. We didn't do much on either side of the ball. Collectively as a team we didn't play like we have to. We have to get off the field on defense and get good field position on offense, try to control the ball and get the thing in the fourth quarter and that didn't happen.

"I said all week we had to sustain their early shot, the early barrage. They had their backs against the wall. I felt we kind of survived that and got going a little on offense but then we stalled. Then they went on a long drive and we didn't really respond with an equal drive and (the game) turned.

"We felt good at the half and that we would regroup and respond but it didn't happen. Offensively we didn't make it happen and we couldn't stop them. Offensively we didn't pick up the pace. We had a collective let down in the third quarter that was severe. I'm anxious to see the tape on that and exactly see where all the breakdowns were.

"They did a good job of running and throwing and we couldn't get off the field and it wore down the defense. Then we had a period of time when we were three and out. We only touched the ball like 21 times in the first half. In the second half we needed to sustain drives and get field position but it didn't happen. We have to play great defense, get field position and run the ball well. I told the team after the game that I would wait to see the film. I don't feel like we got beat up on either side of the ball but we didn't run the ball well and they did. Why? We need to take a look at that.

Defensive End Kasim Edebali on next steps

"We need to get back in the film room and see what we need to improve and come back a better team. Our mindset, it doesn't matter what the score is. There wasn't a point where ‘this is it'. We keep fighting the entire time. That's how we're coached."

Edebali on USC's late first half fumble that the Trojans recovered

"As coach pointed out, if you get an opportunity like that, you can't miss it. Those are the opportunities against a great football team that you have to take advantage of to win. They're good. They executed better than we did and hit a couple big plays which was frustrating."

Quarterback Chase Rettig on facing USC's defense

"They did everything we thought they would do. They just played better than us today. That's about it."

Rettig on playing in Southern California, where he's from

"The biggest thing was getting to see my family. We wish the team would've played better as a whole. We just need to move forward and make the corrections."

Rettig On first half offensive struggles

"We came out and moved the ball pretty well. We had some drives going and they just stopped. We have to do a better job on first down and our third down situations weren't good. We can't have that with our offense ... They just beat us today and we have to make the corrections."

Rettig on USC loading up the box to take away the run game

"That's how most teams play us. We have a lot of guys tight and they have a lot of guys tight, it's common sense. We had big running plays against them, but then we had a TFL or a run of no gain and then you're second and 10. We want to run, but you can't trying to get back to third and short."

Right Tackle Ian White on the lack of execution early

"They came out and played pretty well. I thought we came out and had the right mindset and wanted to run the ball downhill, but they did a good job of stopping it. Every play, doesn't matter what they call, if we do our job, it will split. But we didn't execute early. Had a few nice plays but we need more."