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Boston College Vs. USC Football: How To Watch

Stop complaining and read our post to find out how to watch tomorrow's game.

Harry How

Ah, how spoiled we are. Imagine being UConn and having all your games on Telemundo or Oxygen or (no seriously, what is it? [Googles...]) SNY and not being able to open your laptop to ESPN 8 (The Ocho!) and watch some BC pointyball.

This week poses a challenge with the game being only -- and I do mean only -- televised on the PAC-12 Network. Not too many of you have this channel, but I think more of you have access to it than you think.

But let's run through the options.

1) Buy a ticket to LAX, go to the game

Suck it up, spend the 500 bucks on a flight, buy a ticket for pocket change, and watch KPL plant the various USC quarterbacks into the turf all day in person.

2) Illegal Streams

Not condoned but ... America!

3) Pac-12 Network Live

Head to and click on "sign in" to see if your network is available. If it is, congratulations -- it's just like ESPN3!

4) Just Put On The Pac-12 Network

Think you can't watch the game? If you have cable, there's a decent chance you're wrong. If you have Comcast or Time Warner, the game is available on their $8 sports pack. It's not a step up in package, nothing like that -- just an add-on. $8. Then just cancel after the game.

Seriously, I pay more than that to watch BC hockey games online.

TV Channels in Boston:

Comcast: Channel 194
DISH: Channel 413

Not in Boston? Use the Pac-12 Network channel finder to find out where it is in your area.

Fair warning: If you have DIRECTV, you're kind of, um, screwed.

5) Be Sociable: Make a friend with Comcast, Time Warner, U-Verse, or DISH

Just bring the wings.

6) Be Extra Sociable: Go to a sports bar

Make an event of it. We're going to beat USC, for Christ's sake, you might as well be out in public when it happens.

Just make sure you call ahead. Remember, if they have DIRECTV, they don't have the Pac-12 Network. I believe Buffalo Wild Wings is a particular problem here.

7) Be Super Sociable: Head to a game watch

Eagle in Atlanta always puts up a list of game watches. What would be better than watching BC take down the Trojans with a bunch of other BC fans?

So there you go. If you want to watch the game, you can find a way to watch a game. If you're on campus, you're probably forced to head out to Roggies or something, but what's wrong with that?

My junior year, 2008, Boston College set up a game watch in O'Neill Plaza on a big screen when the season opener was on ESPNU, and BC's cable didn't carry the game in the dorms. Perhaps BC will be able to make something like that happen again.