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#FireLaneKiffin: A Twitter Journey

Because it's a lot more fun when it's not your coach.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Last year BC fans had #FireSpaz, but the multitude of USC fans seem to have taken #FireLaneKiffin to another level.

Last week, after an embarrassing loss to Washington State in which the Trojans managed to throw the ball to Wazzu cornerback Damante Horton (twice) more times than they managed to complete a pass for double-digit yardage (zero), a USC fan used spray paint to 'modify' a fire lane into a Fire Lane Kiffin.

But that's just the beginning. Thanks to Twitter, we're able to get a glimpse at USC fans in their despair. It's a lot more fun now that we've gone from Spaz to Daz.

I take it you guys aren't pleased with the play calling.

Ah. That sounds familiar.

But who would take him?

Oh my God, this is utterly hilarious:

If you want to understand the definition of hate,
Lose the home opener to Washington State.
Just two games in and the year’s down the drain
While the chants and the hashtags say: #FireLane.

As a former student and a current alum
I think Layla is hot and I think that you’re dumb.
Third and thirteen I’ll replay the scene
What play did you call? Bubble screen!

There's much more. I recommend reading it.

Also -- I like Bacon and also Sports. I would probably enjoy that website.

Finally, with a suggestion that really would have helped BC fans out last year...

Well played, sir.