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Boston College Vs. USC Football Preview With Conquest Chronicles

Talking USC football, Kiffy-kins, and Cody Kessler .

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-US PRESSWIRE

In preparation for USC week, BC Interruption reached out to the boys at the USC Blog Conquest Chronicles to talk Lane Kiffin, tailgating at USC, the stifling Trojan defense and a predicted outcome on Saturday.

BC Interruption: I think one of the biggest question's BC fans have about USC is the quarterback conundrum that Lane Kiffin has. Can you talk a little about Max Wittek and Cody Kessler. What are each QB's strengths and weaknesses.

Conquest Chronicles: Now that Lane Kiffin has officially named Cody Kessler the starter, the Trojans are looking to move forward with their go-to-guy. Kessler brings an interesting set of skills to the table, including tremendous game management and good vision in the pocket to avoid pressure. While Kessler can make plays on his feet, he does struggle reading his entire progressions in the passing game. Max Wittek on the other hand, can utilize his talents throwing the football to avoid those difficult situations. At the end of the day, the Trojans are moving forward with Kessler and hope his skills will continue to develop for the much-maligned USC offense.

BCI: That was a rough loss last weekend against Washington State. I know it is absurdly early but how safe is Lane Kiffin's job? What are USC fans feelings on your coach?

CC: Lane Kiffin has placed himself in a troublesome situation. Following one of the worst statistical games in USC history, Kiffin must now win over the fan base but more importantly his players by getting back to winning games. Expect Kiffin to finish out the rest of the season, but these next four or five games before the thick of Pac-12 play will truly serve as an audition for the final year of his contract. The fan base meanwhile is quick triggered and wants to make an immediate firing which comes at the hands of another disappointing season already falling out of the National Championship picture.

BC Interruption: Most of the preseason talk in regards to the USC offense has been about Marqise Lee and Silas Redd. What other offensive weapons should BC fans know about?

CC: Boston College should definitely keep their eye on the USC rushing attack which features a couple of new faces in Tre Madden and Justin Davis. Madden, a converted linebacker with good strength and vision in the whole, brings a unique set of skills into the backfield. Davis meanwhile is only 17-years-old and can barrel over runners with an Adrian Peterson like running form that could cause defenders some trouble. The final weapon Boston College should keep an eye on is Nelson Agholor, the Trojans No. 2 weapon in the passing game, who should get more catches this week with the full focus set on Cody Kessler under center.

BCI: Morgan Breslin is an absolute beast on defense. Can you talk a little about what makes him such a prolific pass rusher?

CC: Breslin is a soft-spoken monster who plays with 100% effort on each and every play. What makes him truly special is the tenacity he brings to the field, even while facing double and triple teams on numerous occasions. Transferring from a local JC last season, Breslin came to USC as a relatively unknown prospect despite his gaudy numbers in college. What makes him truly interesting is the fact he never speaks to anyone, and by that I mean he is all business on and off the field.

BCI: There are lots of BC fans traveling to USC this weekend. What spots are must hit spots for food/beer/a good time in the area?

CC: In terms of pre-game celebration, just going to hte parking lots around the Coliseum is quite the experience. But if you want a real celebration from the 6 am hour, head over to Trousdale in the middle of campus for a nearly half-mile stretch of party goers that overwhelm the campus on game days. Obviously the 12 AM start time presents its own set of trouble (interestingly enough only the second time this century the Trojans have played this early, 2012 vs. ASU) so if the Eagles travel with good numbers they could out shine the atypical Los Angeles fan that shows up late for almost everything.

BCI: Prediction. What have you got?

CC: Despite the recent struggles on offense, I expect the USC defense to wreak havoc for the Eagles forcing turnovers to give their offense great field position to pound the rock. While the 2-0 start is certainly catching the attention of the USC players, playing a step up in class of physicality may give the Trojans the slight edge in what should be a not-so surprising close game. If you ask me now, I say USC wins a defensive showdown 17-13 on Saturday.

Thank you to Conquest Chronicles for spending time with us today. Make sure to check out their blog for all the latest USC Trojan news and opinions.